Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I just poas (yes, a pregnancy test)

What is wrong with me? A pregnancy test. Really. (it was negative, of course)

Um, hello Nancy?

1) you are on birth control pills. You never miss them.
2) you are on cd18 (again, while on bcp). Even if you were the 0.01% that gets pregnant on birth control pills, you'd be like 6dpo best case scenario. And by O-ing on cd17 on average, you'd be 1dpo.
3) you obviously don't have this getting pregnant thing down to being with - hence you moving to IVF.

See, my boob hurts. Not my boobs. My boob. My left one. Enough to go to the doctor (which, by the way, couldn't find out the problem, so I have a boob ultrasound coming up). And what did she ask me? "Is there a chance of pregnancy?". Uh, no.

Then, I puked my guts out Saturday evening. Felt terrible all night. Okay on Sunday and then again on Monday. I had to take the day off I was puking so badly. Laid around like a slug. And what did like 4 people ask me? "Are you pregnant?"

Everytime someone asks me that, I want to punch them. No, I'm not pregnant. And even if I were, these would ~not~ be my early pregnancy symptoms. But yet I poas.

At least I buy hpts in bulk, right?


Anonymous said...

I hate it when people ask if your pregnant! It can be the slightest thing like being tired or peeing a lot and people are asking me. I just want slap them and tell them how stupid they are. Even though they are just making conversation its like.... ya know that can actaully be hurtful when someone is asked that question. -Jayme

Lori said...

And what did the magic stick say?

Hope you're feeling better soon. Better enough to punch, anyway.

KatieM said...

I was going to POAS tomorrow morning but I can't for the life of me find those 2 IC's I have left over from my last obsessive pee stick mode =P

I had the "maybe you are pregnant" line today too because I haven't felt well this past few afternoons...I'm pretty sure it's because it has hovered around 80 in my office since sunday, but then again, what do I know, right? lol

And ouch about the boob! I hope they found out what is causing it!

Meg said...


Always fun to check for the hell of it. I am so curious how you would have felt if you really truly did have "your" preggo symptoms...right after getting your med shipment (by the way, love the image of your daughters by the meds....)!

~Carrie said...

I think if I had been in the same situation I would have POAS too, hoping I would be one of those 'flukes' people always talk about! I hope you are feeling better.

shinejil said...

This may sound bizarre, but recently I had the flu, and I had upper chest and breast pain, along with stomach ills. I hope you feel better soon.

I hate it when circumstances demand a pregnancy test, even when you know there's a snowball's chance in hell you're expecting. For me, it always feels like a slap in the face.

Sarah R said...

Honestly, I guess I would've done the same thing. But yeah--it's annoying when people keep asking if you're pregnant. Know-it-alls. Sorry you were puking your guts up though! Good luck on the boob. ;)

Torilou71 said...

They probably asked if you could be pregnant as they don't want to do a mammogram on pregnant women as they don't want to cause harm to the fetus. Last year, I had to put off my routine mammogram as there was a slight possibility I was pregnant.

Also, BCPs made me nauseas (sp?) the first month I was on them, although I actually didn't get sick. - Tori

Anonymous said...

It irritates me to no extent that people assume that because we're in the child-bearing years that if we sneeze or get a little queasy (or get hungry are need to pee) that we must be pregnant. They could at least keep their assumptions to themselves!

I hope you feel better and have better results with HTPs in the near future!

Jen said...

I hope the mysterious boob pain goes away. Unless its like some delayed growth spurt, and only concentrated in one boob, which would be weird if it only grew and the other would be jealous...

Feel better soon!

Jewels said...

I especially hate it when ignorant people who know nothing about getting pregnant (because they just sit where there husbands sat and they get KU) ask "Are you Pregnant", My friend asked that the other day and I said I'm not, she says "How do you know, you never know, some people bleed while KU...Bla!Bla!Bla!" It's like, I dont have the time, energy, patiends or will to give her a crash course in my fertility/infertility and TTC life. I wished they could just understand that I really do know when I'm NOT ku.

ROCK ON for POAS Girl.

nancy said...

ToriLou - this was not before a mammogram. This was the first thing she asked me when she walked in the room.

Anywho - the reasonings behind the question isn't what i'm talking about. it's just the question to a woman like myself! :)

Io said...

Even my husband occasionally asks me that, always sounding hopeful. Which is a little strange, considering I'd have to have slept with somebody else in order to be pregnant. I think the line must just be programmed into people or something.
Go punch them all.

The Town Criers said...

Begging to be smacked, I would write something like, "are you really really sure? You should test again tomorrow."

It sucks--I've done that too.

Monica Fayth said...

I totally woulda done the same thing. And I hate that question. A couple weeks after my IUI, I had a friend (actually Josh's boss) ask if it worked and then his wife was like, well it could be implantation bleeding. And then comes the advice--"have you tried....?" "my sister swears that...." etc.