Friday, February 22, 2008

The answers.

This was so much fun. And for the record, I am very open with my past - I don't regret anything, as each and every 'mistake' is what made me into the person I am. Without some horrible things being "true", I wouldn't know that I can really bounce back from adversity, I wouldn't know that hitting rock bottom wasn't the end of my world, I wouldn't know that change is something you have to embrace instead of being scared of it. I judge people based on their shoe choice, but I never judge people on their past - it's their present I'm concerned about. I can't help it if any of you decide to judge me, but I'll let you know now, I won't pay it any attention if you do.

Some of these are going to be long, so I would ask you to take a moment and read the reasoning behind anything that shocked you.

1. I sat around a campfire with and sang folky songs like "sweet home alabama" at a frat party.
True. Back in my college days, I hung out in the punk rock crowd - most of my friends being in bands. One night they (g-w.hiz and hora.ce pin.ker) had a gig in Tucson, to play a frat party. It was a strange venue - us being punk rock and they being a fraternity, but it was a 'party frat'. It was an outdoor party, a makeshift stage setup in back. First two bands played and then a band that was just starting to gain popularity, gree.nday, was to play next. It was spring or fall of 1991 I believe, and "1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours" had already been released and were on a 'traveling in our van' tour. They were set to play with horac.e pin.ker the next night at a club in phoenix and I think they got this party that way. Anywho - gree.nday sets up to play, starts playing and police show up. Seems our 'noise' permit only went to 10:30pm. Not to stop the show, the boys unplugged and we all sat around the fire singing songs we all knew. Sweet Home Alabama was the one that stuck in my mind because I surveyed the scene and thought how funny it looked - all us punk kids (i honestly don't remember the frat members at this point) sitting around a fire singing that song. We all went back and crashed in our big shared apartment that night - me with a windburn from laying my head on my open window on the drive home.

2. I toured with punk bands after high school, playing all across the country.
False. While I did travel along with some of the bands I knew that played some shows up and down california, I didn't "tour all across the country" with anyone.

3. In true rock star form, I became a horrible he.roin junky, selling all my stuff for the black tar.
True. It was the mid 90s and something that started out as trying something new at a party turned into a daily habit. While I would try anything back then, I never got hooked on anything - never using at work, school, etc. More like a weekend-at-a-party thing. But h.eroin was different. Before I knew it, I had an honest to goodness ~physical~ addiction. I had to use just to feel normal. There was no "high" to it - just "normal". In a short 9-10 months, I lost most of my things - selling them to buy blac.k tar h.eroin. I overdosed a few times - my junky friends bringing me back to life by throwing me into a cold shower to get my heart restarted. Once was when I was at my parents house which my father had to perform cpr on me and I gained consciousness in the back of an ambulance. The look on my parents face was what it took for me to quit for myself. Although the reasons to quit were great and all my loved ones did what they could - nothing would work until I was mentally ready. Once I got there, it was easy. I removed myself from the scene and simply quit. A week later, the physical addiction was gone and all that was left was my psychological scars, so I stayed away. That was almost 12 years ago and I've never looked back. It's not something I fret about daily. It's not something I am worried I'll fall back into. It's over and done with and my life is too precious now. Plus, I have other people counting on me and using drugs is way too selfish. I never did anything I can't live with - I borrowed a lot of money which I paid back every single cent (except I owe $50 to Andrew Skulnick whom I haven't found since. I will pay him if I ever find him.) I never did anything "in exchange" for it so nothing like that is on my soul. My decisions are what got me here. I wouldn't have moved to colorado. I wouldn't have met Tom. I wouldn't of had my daughters. If I had it all to live again, I wouldn't, I couldn't, change a thing.

4. In high school, I was given a dead pig as my lab partner because it's the only partner who wouldn't talk with me during lecture.
True. Apparently I'm chatty. Shocker. And I would talk during lecture - no matter who I was partnered with. My teacher had given me an array of lab partners, never finding the person who wouldn't chat with me. One day she decided to make an example out of me and she sat me in the back row at one of the tables by myself, went in the back room and came back to sit a large bag of dead pigs in the chair next to me - saying "try talking to them!". Too bad I had to be funny and had a one-sided conversation with the pigs throughout class. The other kids couldn't stop laughing but my teacher refused to acknowledge it.

5. I got to skip taking my spanish final by standing in front of the class and sing "la bamba".
False. We were offered a 50 points extra credit on our final ~if~ we chose to stand up in front of the class and sing "la bamba" - which I took advantage of, but I didn't get to skip my spanish final. (actually, I did skip my mid-term because I was dating the spanish teacher's son and got away with anything in that class - left me needing the 50 pts for the final, and A in the class and a terrible grasp on the spanish language.) To this day, I still know every word to that song.

6. I was in the top 3% of our class, so I received an academic scholarship to University.
True. My first 2 years in college was 100% paid for by an academic scholarship. And as Sarah pointed out, I initially spelled academic wrong, so no way could I possibly be smart enough for this to be true. Sorry to disappoint, but I am and typos/misspellings happen - even to the smart ones!

Congrats to my friend Laurel who was the only one who guessed correctly. Not quite fair, as she knew quite a bit of them, but not all.


Morgan said...

I'm actually glad that you did this, I learned so much about you. Regardless of your past, I think you are an AMAZING women. You wouldn't be who you are today if you hadn't been through everything you have. I'd never judge you, "If you judge people you have no time to love them".

Anonymous said...

Yeah I admit not fair but it was just so funny that I couldn't answer. Plus I wasn't completely sure I was right and took a risk at looking like someone who truely doesn't listen to you.
Soooo fun!

Jen said...

I was way off!

Lori said...

It's inspiring to love yourself so completely. I think that means you are pretty good at loving others, too.

Hope that sounds the way I mean it :-).

Spicy Sister said...

I think it is so amazing for you to be so open and so accepting of yourself, your past, and others. I have so much respect for you and how you roll. :)

I was a punk kid too...purple hair and all.

Teachers often had to do creative things, like turn my desk to face a wall, because I just. could. not. stop. talking. - I like to think I am a little better about this now, but who knows? ;)

Io said...

You are so freaking cool Nancy. I was beyond way off.
And I love the image of you chatting away at the pigs.

HeidiM said...

Your dead pig story is hilarious and the Green Day campfire story made me jealous! One thing I've learned in life is that being less judgemental opens up opportunities to get to know some amazing people in this world. But I totally agree on the shoes, some people just make bad footwear decisions and it's too hard to get past it! ;)

Sarah R said...

That was fun! Very interesting to learn more about you.

When I was a junior in high school, I had to take Chemistry. I was not a huge fan of it, and to make class interesting, I would act goofy and make people laugh. One day I must've had way too much energy, because finally, my teacher walked up to my desk in the middle of his lecture and pulled my desk forward and angled it to the corner. It was so hard to get through the rest of the class without laughing too loud, but somehow I did it.

Another time (same class) our teacher was doing an experiment in the front. His desk was one of those lab-style black desks with the faucet, you know what I mean. He turned down the lights and then started the experiment, which happened to make a big "BOOM"! I screamed as a result. Too bad I was the only one! The class erupted into laughter and I just buried my head in my arms and laughed so hard I was crying. It was soooooo funny.

Jenera said...

Honestly I would have thought the heroin one was false. But it just shows how a persons past cannot define their future. My hubby did all kinds of drugs before meeting him but honestly, those experiences have made him the man he is today.

Meg said...

This was so fun to read. You are incredibly a really good way.

Thanks for your recent comments on my blog. The connection you gave me was great, I have been hunting for MA folks and your uterine history is very helpful!!!

The Town Criers said...

I think what I like most about this game is that you not only get the fun of guessing, but in the end, you get to learn these small snippets of another life.

Jewels said...

Boy I was WAY off! Lol. See how well I know you?

the Babychaser: said...

I don't think a lot of people know that "normal" people get hooked on herion, too. One of my closest friends, who's a total goody-goody, has a younger brother who was hooked for several years. He's clean now, thank god, but that probably wouldn't have happened if his best friend hadn't died of an OD.

Good for you, for getting through to the other side!