Friday, February 15, 2008

How long is bedrest for IVF?

I know after ER, you have to rest because it's like any other minor surgery. And I know after ET, you are supposed to be in bedrest for awhile, but for how long?

I was only planning on a day after ER and a day after ET. Am I to expect longer resting periods? That's going to be hard, but if I need to, I'll do it. Heck, even after getting breast augmentation - I was up and doing normal stuff the very next day.


Christy said...

well my ER was at 7:30am and I actually felt fine and went to work around noon the same day-but I had some crazy shit going on that I needed to get to work for-I had planned on taking the day off, but really felt fine.
ET my RE said 24 hours of bedrest-so I took the day of ET off and the next day, but didn't spend the WHOLE next day in bed, just took it easy. I think each RE has different opinions about bedrest after ET, so ask yours now so you will know how to prepare.

Anonymous said...

My ER was way worse than the ET--I needed 1 1/2 days to feel better after ER. I did about 24 hours of rest after ET...but most REs will say that it is just a precaution. You don't want to blame yourself for not relaxing if the IVF isn't successful, you know? I'd say take 1 day off and then ask to work from home for 1 more day.

jp said...

I went out to dinner after ER; I was tired, but didn't feel any pain. I took it easy the next day and the day before ET I did a big house cleaning, sheet changing, everything heavy (vacuuming etc).
My clinic is in the middle of a study to see if bed rest or limited activity has any impact on implantation and successful pregnancy rates.
It took me so long to get enough eggs to do a second ivf that I limited my own activity as much as possible for about 4 or so days following my transfer.
I agree with anonymous that you do not want to blame yourself for not relaxing if you can control your activities.
I know there are no guarantees, but take as much time as you can, just lying around and relaxing.

Morgan said...

Well, I looked it up and most websites said the same thing, about 1-2 days of bedrest..and maybe a few days of taking it easy after that. I really just think it depends on how you feel afterwards and what you think your body can handle, physically. I also read that success rates are not altered with bedrest, rather you have too little or too much bedrest. Hopefully you're up and going quickly soon after!

P.S.- Thanks for the help with my situation earlier, you should have become an Ob/Gyn as much as you know! :)

Denise said...

Every clinic recommends something different. I was told that I could go back to normal activity the day after ER. Who knows if it was the OHSS acting up or just general bloating and pain, but I was in no mood to do anything but lie on the couch the next day. And I was sick from the anesthesia.

For ET, our clinic's standard is strict bed rest the day of and the day after. Strict bed rest means being horizontal (or at least with your hips even with your feet/legs) and you only get up to use the bathroom. After the two days, back to normal activity, but no exercise other than light walking until the pregnancy test. Oh, and I was told to avoid getting my heart rate up (no running up and down stairs).

There are some people who believe bed rest for more than 30 minutes after ET could actually be detrimental because your blood flow slows down. But most clinics seem to adhere to some amount of bed rest.

ToriLou71 said...

Hey Nancy,

I remember when I asked Dr. Mag about this, he said he had a 3 day bed rest requirement after his ET's. I like the idea of being off 3 days from work, but in bed all the time except to pee or shower? Ew, I can just feel my back hurting now thinking of it.

hoping4baby said...

My RE said no bed rest for either ER or ET but I was not to do anything strenuous especially no exercising until after third full day after ET!!! I can never sit still for long so I was always walking around the downstairs during TV commercials. I also heard that if you do not move around after ER that it can cause OHSS more, but not sure how true that is. But I always say go by what your body and heart tell you. I agree that you don't want to be blaming your self later so better safe than sorry. Of course I have not been working so that part of it was not an issue for me - it was more of the exercising and housework! Trust your own judgement but check with RE ahead of time if you need to put in for days off. Good Luck with everything Nancy!!!

Chas said...

They didn't require a bed rest for me after ER, but I felt terrible, so I gave it a day or so. I just wasn't supposed to operate heavy machinery :).

After ET I felt OK, but they told me to be a "couch potato" for 72 hours. No stair climbing, lifting, or exercising. My clinic has really high success rates, but there's no way to know if this is the reason.

KatieM said...

I am always amazed by this whole resting after the ET thing. I mean I understand the concept of WHY and if I have to do IVF I will TOTALLY do it, but what makes IVF embryos any different than normal fertilized eggs done the "old fashion way".

What I mean is, during a normal 2WW things like exercise, everyday lifting, working, etc don't inhibit the implantation of the embryo itself so why is it so critical in some clinics during IVF? Is it because the embryo is being pushed into the uterus from the cervix rather than floating down from the fallopian tubes? (Ok, that question really isn't meant to be answer, just me thinking out loud)

And yes, this thought is coming from the girl who sleeps on the opposite side of her eggs after an IUI because she is deathly afraid of an ectopic if something does fertilize =P

bleu said...

My doc said that day for sure and then as long as you need to have no guilt later. I took three bedrest days.

~Carrie said...

I was told to rest the day of ER and ET. My RE said I could go to work (I just sit at a desk all day) the day after ET and ER (though my ER was on a Fri so that wasn't an issue). I could have gone into work after my ER though because I was done by 8:30am and felt fine (just very bloated)

As for ET - My acupuncturist suggested that I take the day after ET off as well, even though my RE said I could sit behind a desk at work. Neither said absolute bedrest, but it seems to vary from one doctor to another.

I did go to work the day after ET but didn't move much, took the elevator, etc.

Anonymous said...

I lay on the couch for a few hours after ER but had no rest whatsoever after ER. They don't say to do it here in Aus and anyway, who the heck gets bedrest when there are already two other children? Kristen

Sabrina said...

My RE is very strict on bedrest. Complete horizontality except for toilet-visits infrequently for five days following transfer. I'm on my first full day and sure hope it works. We were only able to get one normal embryo out of 13 eggs harvested. But embryo #3 looks "beautiful" according to Doc. I'm watching Euro cup, reading, catching up on emails and listening to the neighbor kids play.