Tuesday, February 5, 2008

hello from boston!

Hi there! I'm in Boson this week working. What a freaking cool city this is - even if it's all rainy and crappy outside.

Wow - what responses to my last post. Thanks everyone! And I was bowled over by the haters. Not that they are out there, nor that I even have some, but they were particularly nasty this time. Too bad they won't get the "press" they want so badly. I only get as far as the first sentance to see what horrid people they are before I hit "delete". I can't imagine living my life with so much anger inside. When I get mad at something, at least it's something that is happening to ~me~. I couldn't imagine having to go out and find something to be mad about. To actually go find blogs that don't even pertain to me - just to piss myself off. Shrug. To each their own I guess. I won't pretend to understand and I really don't care to try to.

Thank goodness for blogging. I can spill my guts, good or bad. People can respond or they can ignore. (or of course, write something extraodinarily ugly and petty). I can discuss the successes. I can discuss my failures. And I don't have to pay an ounce of attention to the childish and seemingly jealous.

but I really wish blogger would fix it's spellcheck.


MDShamrocks07 said...

ROFL, I wish Blogger would fix spellcheck too! It's driving me crazy!!

So you're liking the rain here, huh? Yeah, it's quite annoying. Hope it's nicer for the remainder of time that you're here in NE. =)

Christy said...

That is so funny that you have been checking my blog out as well--
Thanks for the interest--since you are the only one so far :)

Anyway have a great time in Boston. I wish I was somewhere cool like that- I love Boston!!

Morgan said...

Wow, Boston? I wish I could go there, but poor me has never even been out of Texas. Talk about having no life. :)
Anywho, I hope you are enjoying your time! Be safe!

Rita said...

I like you the way you are. I have enjoyed reading your blog

Denise said...

The spellcheck (lack thereof) is driving me nuts too. Are you having issues with the add a link feature also?

Kristen said...

hi nancy--just wanted to say I'm glad you enjoy Boston--this is my home (at least for the next 3 months!) It is a great city--I wish it were sunny for you, though. eat some good food while you're here! (go to mike's in the north end and get a pastry!)