Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Friday! Yipee!

I am just so fucking exhausted. Riding rollercoasters used to be fun, but now? Bah. Too tiring for me. I am just going to take it totally easy and CHILL.

As my friday post, at least until I have something else to say, I'm going to be random.

~ Bloggers with music ... PLEASE set up your music to not automatically start playing! Give your readers the option to listen to it or not. When I forget my speakers are on and I click to a blog with music, it scares the shit out of me. Especially when I look from work (I'm on many conference calls that I have to pay attention to, so I can't really work, so I browse blogs) and music starts playing in the microphone of my call. Awesome.

~ I'm feeling better. Less cramping, but still a little there and still spotting. The spotting is brown and so light, it's barely not worth mentioning.

~ I cannot sleep. I am in the midst of some serious sleep deprivation and it's killing me. My back aches and my legs cannot be still. I forgot about the restless leg syndrome I have had in each of my pregnancies. Suck.

~ I got more ink! Yay!! Check it out. (it's only the black outline, color is next appointment)

This is a bit hard to show, as it covers my entire forearm, so here is my inner arm, wrist to elbow.

This is 1/2 of top of forearm. The dragonfly cant be seen too well because there isn't much black to him. His wings will be color translucent, so definitely not much to see yet.

This is the top/back part of forearm. The piece you would see as I'm walking away from you. These are the leaves coming from flower which are going to be tight green.

I can't wait for it to be finished. I'll have to wait until after the baby for most of it, but we'll see.


Poltzie said...

I TOTALLY agree with the sound thing, makes me crazy! I've taken people out of my google reader because of that.
Glad you are going to have an easy weekend!
Just a question:
I know you are a career woman and I'm wondering what your work thinks about tats? My work is very cool with it but that's the industry (social work) and I wondered what corporate amaerica thinks about tats? Has it ever been a problem or do you find that it's not really a big deal anymore as they are so popular?

nancy said...

I wear long sleeve shirts. Although many are cool with it, many still think it's unprofessional.

Liz (antimuse13) said...

Nancy it's gorgeous- I can't wait to see it completely done!

Here, here on the blogger music thing!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the end looks beautiful so far!

Yay for the roller coaster slowing down. I hope you're able to get off if it very soon.

Mommyof2boys said...

I hope you can relax some on your weekend.

Love all the detail going into the tat !

Morgan said...

I took it off of mine just for you!

I meant for it to be optional and ive even scared myself a few times after clicking "view blog"..ha! thats what i get! Then everyone in the office kinda looks over and gives that look lol! glad you pointed it out!

Anonymous said...

i can't turn off blog music fast enough. How many more sessions to finish the tat?

Jendeis said...

Ditto on the music thing.

The tat looks so beautiful and elegant. Can't wait to see it done with color.

Ali said...

I hate the blogs that have the auto music start, too! If I forget to turn the speakers down it comes on so loud, especially if it's late at night and the kids are already asleep.

Geohde said...

I always have my computer speakers off :)


Pink-CJ said...

I too, agree with the music thing. IT does scare the crap out of me.

Wow, I still cant' believe you are getting tattos!! :)

Simply AnonyMom said...

I use my blog music to play in the background while chasing the kids around all day so I never thought about it in work situations. I have turned mine off and want to apologize if mine was one of the ones that blared into your conference calls. :)

jenn said...

I love the tat! I can't wait to see it all done, especially the dragonfly!

And yay for friday indeed!

Tara said...

Ink looks great!

Glad to hear the spotting seems to be subsiding. Jeesh, couldn't things just go smooth?

JamieD said...

I second the music thing - it always scares the shit out of me too.

LOVE the sleeve!

bleu said...

I put a music thing on my blog once because then I could listen but I had no choice to turn it to off, plus on my screen it always flickered even when others with the same one didn't flicker for me so I just got rid of it.

Martha said...

Nice ink, you must have an incredible pain tolerance, those are some sensitive spots! The tattoo artist is a real artist. Hope you catch up on your ZZZZsss.

Jewels said...

I think along as you’re still getting that little h/b, your little one is okay, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you anyway and you’re in my prayers always.

I can’t wait to see the final result of your tats too, I'm having a hard time making sense of them, but I do like what I see.