Saturday, July 12, 2008

The news no one wants to receive.

My heart goes out to my friend Tori, who had her chances at getting to ER cancelled for her third time today. It was her 3rd try at IVF and each time, she just didn't get there.

I was always so surprised about her outlook each time she was cancelled. She was bummed, sure, but always looked ahead, counting down the days to the next time she got to start stims. But this time may be different, as it's hard to be told there won't be a next time.

Of course it's not the complete end of the line for her. She has the options of egg donation among other things, but I can only imagine the place she is in right now. So if anyone can take a moment to give this girl a virtual ~hug~, please do.


Just Me. said...

Ok, I'm heading over now.

Sara said...

~hugs~ to Tori. I will keep her in my thoughts.

Lilith Silvermane said...

*hugs* She seems to have a great outlook.

She can have my eggs.. they like people, they are sweet and cute, Oh, and they like chili!