Monday, July 28, 2008

It just didn't come together.

I had a big post in my head about John Reis being the king of san diego punk rock and if that was true, Rick Froberg had to be the next in line. About how I'm listening to a lot of Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From the Crypt right now. About how I loved Hot Snakes and Back off Cupids, so I'm sure I would like The Sultans and The Night Marchers. About how I'm dying to hear The Obits.

And then I started writing it out and thought - bah. No one here will care. So I scrapped it. Not that I don't care about it anymore, but it just wasn't a normal nancy-esque blog posting. I don't do reviews.

I'm sarcastic. I like to bring up my viewpoint on controversial subjects. I don't back down. (Although I am very thoughtful to the other side of a topic). I tell funny and quite frequently embarrassing stories.

And today? Yeah. I've got nothin'.

Anyone have a topic you'd like me to discuss? An answer to a question? Want me to work out a large math problem and show my work?


oh. and yes. I'll get to the newest belly picture soon. Hopefully tonight! (okay. done.)


Denise said...

One of the best shows I ever saw was RFTC at the Fox in Boulder years ago. It was very memorable show including the ride home (for reasons I won't go into here).

nancy said...

Denise - I was at that show!

Shit. I got punched in the face at that show.

Remember the guy yelling "MAYBELLINE!!" like a hundred times over and over? lol. Until Speedo had to say "look, our drummer is new and doesn't know that song." OMG. Classic.

Anonymous said...

As long as you're offering...

There are two fractions:

The first is a + 1 divided by "a" to the second power, - a - 12

The second is 3a + 2 divided by "a" to the second power - 9a + 20.

What is the first fraction MINUS the second fraction?

It would look something like this:

a+1 / a^2-a-12 MINUS 3a+2 / a^2 - 9a + 20

Basic algebra

Topcat said...

I would love to know .... exactly how many times HAVE you been punched in the face?


Denise said...

Was that in 98? I'm not sure I remember the Maybelline story. I was there with 4 friends and I just remember being completely sweaty and enjoying myself immensely. We bought some peanut butter balls from some granola chick on the street and I think the details of the show are a bit fuzzy because of it! But I do remember having a blast.

Our one friend drove all of us in his big ole car. I can't remember what it was, but it was a boat and we called him Grandpa for driving it. On the way home, we took highway 93 (lots of curves) and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida came on the radio. The song is 17 fricken minutes long and it felt like it lasted 5 hours. We were all singing along. To this day, if any one of us mentions that song or hears it, we are immediately taken back to that night.

Denise said...

Oh, and maybe I should mention, I didn't punch anyone that night, so it couldn't have been me!

Glennformer said...

Well, since you asked, it's time to revive my request, for a number of years now, to have a solution to the problem I've been calling the "circle of equal angles" problem. The last time I described the problem (to my niece when I saw her advanced placement calculus book) I realized that name was a bit of a misnomer and I know that contributed to stopping you before. So, now, I'm calling it the "circles intercept" problem.

As you recall, probably your last thought every night as you drift off to sleep, it arose as something needed to finish the convenient plotting of a navigational position based upon horizontal sextant angle measurements. It seems that you ought to be able to determine the two points at which two circles intersect based upon the diameter of the circles and the distance between the two foci, as some sort of a function of those variables. The two results are to be represented as either an angle from the baseline between the two circle foci or as an angle measured from a line extending due east or west from the focus of one circle.

Of course, I have a brute force computer solution to the problem, by calculating all of the "x, y" coordinates along the circumference of each circle, at a fine enough granularity consistent with the measuring accuracy and the scale of the chart to plot the result upon, and then simply comparing the lists of coordinates for each circle to see which ones are close enough to represent the "same" point for practical purposes. My laptop computer is probably even fast enough, now, to give a solution within a reasonable time but I just hate the idea of this approach compared to what I think is available from someone who knows how to apply calculus to the problem (derivatives? differential equations? something like that?), which would be more elegant.

If you can have a solution for me by August 10th, that will be ideal. Besides the regular compensation for this kind of thing (pure joy from an intellectual achievement, the satisfaction of being of service to mankind, etc), I'd be willing to toss in a gift certificate for sock condiments.

jamie said...

how about divorce? where do you stand and what would be grounds for divorce for you?

nancy said...

Anon - will do tomorrow.

The wonderful Topcat - Exactly two times. But this time may not actually count as it was actually a hit to the eye with some drunk chick slinging a pair of wooden sandals after I pushed her from her dumb moshing self.

Denise - a few years ago counts as fucking 10? Oh no. The show I am talking about was like 5 years ago. If that. Maybe I already had Ella. Crap. Now I gotta go look.

Glenn - EXCELLENT QUESTION! Wow. (omg. I almost peed from laughing). But yeah, I'll get right on it.

nancy said...

Jaime - I'll leave that for tomorrow's post.

Jen said...

We totally can be BFFs... Although, I'll have to go to Claire's and buy the necklaces. You know the ones, half of which say best the other friends...

nancy said...

Jen - you know what the funniest thing about that was? I mentioned to Calliope that due to our "love" of having multiple medications stuck up our vaginas, we could be best friends. And she said almost the exact same thing as you.

Damn - I sure give out my best friend status easily. Am I a BFF whore? :)

Sarah R said...

Wow--your 14 week belly pic. Just wow! :D You sure are showing!

Okay, so for random questions...

How excited is your family about this new baby coming? Have you thought of any names yet, and if so, are you sharing them? Any other random tidbits?

Io said...

Nancy, you have no idea how much I appreciate your offer of swaying the bar examiners with sweet prego ass. That cracked my shit up.

Jenera said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with this post but it has to do with when you posted about getting tattooed while PG. I commented that I had in fact got a tattoo while PG.

Well, I had also forgot about the last time I got a tattoo (my son's footprint on my foot). When I went, my hubby went and my mom too and we all three got tattooed. Well, we also took my son with me, he was probably about 18 months old.

So does that make me a bad mom? LOL.