Friday, July 18, 2008

What kind of a person are you?

To the anonymous person who's comment I did ~not~ publish in my previous post:

You came to my blog. You read my post. You can obviously see I'm scared and in a very emotional place. And you picked this time to call me "stupid" and "dumb", among other things?

Is this really how you treat people? Because I'll tell you, what you said to me is no way to treat someone in your life. Not even a stranger on the street.

Would you listen to someone tell this story in front of you and then actually SAY to them what you typed to me? Would you? I can pretty much say without a doubt, you would not. Think about it the next time you find it okay to anonymously type something so mean and hurtful to someone. Remember that commenting to someone anonymously is ~NO DIFFERENT~ (to them) than saying it to their face.

I'm a REAL person. I have a heart. I am terrified right now and I've been crying all day. And then I have to read a comment like yours. Was pouring salt in my newly made wounds really your intention? I suggest you think about that before you comment anonymously to someone again. Think about what you are typing. Ask yourself "would I say this to a stranger's face with a clear conscious?". If the answer is no, then by all means, don't hit "submit".

You know what says even more? It's not that you decided to hit "submit". It's the fact that what you typed was your response in the first place. What kind of person would even THINK what you said to me as a response to a post like mine? I think hitting submit is probably a normal reaction for a person of your caliber. You thought nothing of hitting submit because you thought nothing of the horrible things you typed.

When I suggested you ask yourself if you would say what you are typing to a stranger, you probably would have only one of two answers.
~One, you would say that to anyone and everyone. Which means you truly don't have an ounce of compassion in you. You don't care how you make anyone else feel, you simply spew out your thoughts without a second thought.
~Two, you wouldn't say it, but you would definitely be thinking it. But you would never say it to some one's face because you are afraid of their reaction.

The fact you left your comment anonymously leads me to believe you are chicken shit. If you fell into the "One" category, you would have left your name. People in category "One" are simply self righteous and they don't hide their opinions. In fact, they ~want~ people to know it was them who said it. You didn't leave your name, which means you are only comfortable telling people your terrible thoughts when no one knows who you are.

You called me names and said terrible things to me. Yet isn't it ironic your comment ended up with me feeling pity for you?