Tuesday, July 1, 2008

too much coffee.

I am a coffee drinker. Kind of.

I don't get a cup of coffee at a diner or anything, but I like me some daily starbucks.

(note: I hope you all know when I use broken english such as "i like me some", you know I'm just being silly, right? I promise, I may not be perfect, but I'm a little smart!"

Well, I've been slowing down on the caffeine due to the obvious. Although my OB allows up to 2 sodas a day or 1 cup of coffee, I try not to drink my candy starbucks too much and when I do, I get a grande (at the little starbucks like coffee shop at work) and it comes with only 1 shot of espresso. Well, today, I went to a real starbucks and noticed she put in 2 shots of espresso. Well, I think I don't want her to throw it all away since I asked for a grande, but to simply take note.

I drank the whole think. And now I feel like I smoked some crack.

Okay, so I've never ~actually~ smoked crack. But I'm betting it's something like this.

As I'm all cracked out, I am working from home (really, I am working. Not just blogging. I just fixed a major issue and am the hero of a bunch of customers! Okay, so I am the one who allowed it to be broken in the first place, but we don't mention that when we fix things) and I've pushed "play" on the TV game show, Wipeout.

Have you seen this? I've loved the japenese version for years, but the american version is fucking awesome. Getting to hear what the contestants and announcers are really saying is hilarious. For example:

Announcer: "So contestant, you are the oldest male today, how do you feel about this?"
Contestant: "AARP!!!!"
Announcer: "That is the worst shoutout. Ever."
Contestant: "Oh."

See? That's prime comedy right there.


elephantscanremember said...

My dh and I watch "Ninja Warrior" on G4, well he watches it and I endure it. Anyway, Wipeout looks to be a mix of it and MXC on Spike. (Gee I watch a lot of male tv for a girl!) I do like MXC, though.

I can't wait for Wipeout!

I hope you do enjoy your coffee. Do you drink it black? No reason to doctor it up!

MrsDrink said...

Yeah, but MXC is so hard to resist! LOL I remember the first time I ever saw that show. It was the Halloween one and DH and I laughed until we cried.

Now that Wipeout is on....it's gonna be fun all over again!

Katherine said...

We actually watched that show during dinner the other night (yeah, shame on us)and laughed our asses off. Fun for the whole family!!!

Morgan said...

O/T...but had to drop you a line and tell ya your belly pic is cute! I was going to tell you that you are showing already but in case you didnt notice i didnt want to piss you off lol! But I can tell already that you are....YAY!

MrsSpock said...

They had the weirdest TV ever when I was in Japan. Strange combos of gameshow/news/entertainment/celebrity stuff. And then there was the interview of the guy that sat in the bath all day eating tomatoes and picking the skin off his feet. Oh yeah, and then EATING it. The gal that interviewed him almost ralphed.

nancy said...

elephantscanremember - My best friend told me about that show. I can't believe I've been missing it! Wipeout is exactly like MXC but it makes sense due to it being in english and watching the whole thing, not just snippets. I have to watch the other now!

AND ... I drink those candybar coffees, that's why I say I kind of drink coffee. Only if it's with chocolate and mostly steamed milk. I know, I'm a lame coffee drinker - I shouldn't even be allowed to say I drink it.

MrsDrink - Girl, I need to read all your blogs. Since I went to google reader and you are invite only, your blog doesn't show up in my list. Now that I see you, I am prompted to read. Damn, I haven't read your blog in over a week - I was reading a bit but you hadn't updated for awhile. I hope I'm not too behind.

Katherine - we watch tv during dinner sometimes too. There's only so much conversation with a 2 and 4 year old. We DO have family dinner everynight, but half of it is tv too. So we're probably worse than you!

Morgan - Yup, I know I'm showing already. When you are on your third baby, you'll show early too! Thank goodness it's not as "bad" as the 2nd baby. I was pregnant when baby was only 6 months old, so my belly remembered how to look pregnant easily!

MrsSpock - your reply deserves a post all of it's own. Fucking gross!!!

AnonyMom said...

I can totally relate to the cracked out feeling while drinking coffee. I got it quite often when pregnant with my second child.

I get a similar feeling when I drink particular energy drinks now, but it is a smoother cracked out high from coffee than from energy drinks.

Deb said...

Girrrrrl, step away from the double shots. Even your post has that fast paced crack feel to it (lol).
and your broken english makes me feel like we are sisters seperated at birth. "like i need a lil suttin suttin?" this is how i talk most of the time - of course, i am alone and no one care hear me...but still..

Katie B. said...

Wipeout clearly wins as this summer's guilty pleasure - and you're right, the commentary is the best part. (Well, maybe not the best, but close!)

MrsDrink said...

Oh crap, I forgot about Google reader. How do I change that on my blog so you can read it? I think I tried, but wasn't quite sure how. Nothing too important, but there are a few posts there over the past few days.

Anonymous said...

I Loved MXC!!! I have only watched one wipeout but it's so funny. There is something about MXC and the voice-overs though that make me LMAO.

Geohde said...

I had a cup of coffee this morning for the first time in ages, and the babies are going NUTS in there...

I think the crack effect has struck!


..soo.see.. said...

I love coffee and starbux too. I stopped coffee cold turkey when I started stims and I'm REALLY missing it. I've a cup here and there in the last cpl of wks, but its not the same. And ITA, wipeout is effin hilarious!!

KatieM said...

Heheh, I say "I like me some (fill in the blank)" too when I'm being silly or in a funny light-hearted mood.

Lee said...

One of our stations has "Wipeout" back to back with "I survived a Japanese Game Show." Talk about an evening of un-reality, reality shows!