Saturday, December 13, 2008

I live life on the edge ...

... because that's the way I roll.

~ I work for the man. The corporate man. Which means I haven't seen a "Christmas" party for years and years and years. Tom, on the other hand, works for ~a~ man, so they get a yearly celebration. I actually look forward to it. This year, I had a dress all picked out and everything. I ask Tom earlier this week "When is it?" and he responds "Oh, it's this Friday, did you want to go?" YES I want to go, as I go every single year! So he asks me if I want him to find a babysitter (we have a deal where I find the sitter for "my" events and he finds one for "his".) I get off work a few minutes early last night so I'd have time to take a shower and find him in his PJ pants, playing with the kids. "No babysitter?" "Nope. Want to go get a tree instead?" "Sure, Girls, want to get a tree tonight?" "YAY!! A TREE!!!".

A few minutes later the plan changes to him going by himself and leaving me home because I say "you can go by yourself if you want." I didn't think he'd actually do it though. Not that I have any problem staying home while he goes out, due to last minute plans, this happens occasionally for the both of us over the years, but he doesn't like the Christmas parties, I do. So that kinda sucked. He got dressed up, I went through my "regift" shelf and found something actually quite nice, wrapped it up and sent him on his cute way (he got dressed up and looked extra handsome).

I "got him back" though by having an extraordinary night. (just in case you don't catch it, I'm using loads and loads of sarcasm right now.) I cooked the kids dinner and then piled them in the car to drive through the "rich" neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights. I find it a bit strange to go look at other people's houses, but the kids liked it. Then I drove up Cheyenne Mountain to the zoo to show them the zoo lights, although we didn't go in, as it was freezing. We stopped at the top of the drive, looking over the entire city where Ella exclaimed "the whole city decorated for Christmas!" Then we stopped for ice cream.

You know, maybe it wasn't such a bad night. But that part of the night wasn't really what I was talking about. What's really on my mind was how I spent the next 8 hours after the ice cream.

I started by simply vacuuming. Then pulling out the extension to vacuum under the couch. Then I thought I should vacuum under the cushions. Then the cushions themselves. Then I noticed there were spots to shampoo on just about every freaking cushion so before I knew it, 2 hours have passed and my entire couch is taken apart and set up to dry after a complete shampoo. We have a huge chenille u-shaped couch with a chaise lounge on on side, couch, love seat and tons of pillows as the back cushions, so this was a job. It looks good though.

Tom had come home and had already passed out in bed with a belly full of food so then I started feeling sorry for myself. No lovin' from the hubby now, so I set myself up on the driest section of the couch to watch tv until it was time for me to pass out.

And then it started.

The worst case of heartburn I have ever encountered in my entire life. And no TUMS. Or anything. If I laid down I would end up with a mouth full of stomach acid which would choke the crap out of me. If I sat straight up, it would just burn. I thought it would go away, but it didn't. I thought I would fall asleep, but I didn't. I watched terrible movies all night. I tore my house apart at 4am looking for something to help. I ate baking soda. Nothing helped. Why I didn't just get in my car and drive to the store for some tums is beyond me. Instead, I had a sobbing fit around 430am and finally fell asleep at about 515am.

You're jealous of my awesome life, aren't you?

~ A few words about the budget post. My yearly budget was simply how to pay off our debt. I still will have to budget biweekly to make sure everything is covered. I didn't actually budget an entire year of spending! And the $500 handbags and $200 jeans? Don't go thinking I get these ALL the time. I'm talking like 1 or 2 a YEAR. Just the fact I like them, not that I go on weekly shopping trips!

~ Time to go get our Christmas tree. Ugh. I freaking hate decorating the tree.


margelina said...

Ha, I hate decorating the tree, too. This year (and actually the past couple years, now that I think about it) we all go get the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and Chris does the lights that night. Then the next day I rtell him to let teh kids decorate while I'm at work, they don't have to wait for me. He thinks I'm being nice by not making the kids wait for me, but the truth is I'd rather not do that part!
Sorry for the heartburn. I spent two entire pregnancies like that. Finally on #3 I asked if there was anything better than tums, and Voila, a prescription for nexium from my OB. Woo-hoo!

Sugar and Ice said...

I feel so bad for you about the reflux/acid...I had the worst case of that I can imagine for weeks at the end of the twin pregnancy. It made me miserable, so I feel for anyone who has these issues. So sorry you missed your party!

ssbean said...

I am very glad that I'm not the only woman who hates decorating the tree. In fact, I am not putting up our tree this year, because I don't have to. We don't have kids, next year, we'll have to for the baby. This year though, no way am I dealing with the hassle. My mom's best friend asked me if I had put up my tree yet. I tell her "nope." She looked at me like I was crazy, and I proceeded to say that we aren't putting a tree up this year. Then the look got weirder. Like it's any of her business anyway, and like it concerns her if I put a tree up or not. We are both happy with not putting a tree up.
I heard that apples are supposed to help heartburn. I guess by now, you would now if that's the case or not. So far I haven't had bad heartburn, well maybe 2 times. I've been addicted to apple juice, so who know if that has helped. I keep a couple apples in the house just in case now. But honestly I can imagine that at the end, it's bad and there's little that can be done to cure it.

Denise said...

Uggh, I had a similar heartburn filled night a couple of nights ago. And I've had ~plenty~ of sobbing fits in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. In my opinion, you have a right to feel sorry for yourself once in awhile.

I really don't feel any difference in the contractions since coming off the medication Thursday, other than the ECP continues to get worse. And now I think I'm starting to get a sore throat. Lovely.

JamieD said...

So it wasn't a Christmas party but it was highly productive! Until the heartburn from hell anyway.

I usually love decorating the tree but this year I wasn't into it at all. It actually made me quite sad. I hope it is just a phase and I'm not going to be the perpetual Christmas Scrooge.

Cate said...

When I had awful heartburn my doc gave me zantac, however, one "natural" recommendation I had was a teaspoon of vinegar, I know more acid somes counter intuitive but I tried it once and after the nasty taste it did seem to help (I stuck with the zantac later).

jenn said...

ugg- sorry about the heartburn- that really sucks!

Your 34 week pic is great though! I would say there is a very noticeable difference from 2 weeks ago!

Hollie said...

Sounds like your weekend wasn't very relaxing. That heartburn sounds really bad. I take pepcid twice a day every day and it is wonderful. Otherwise I'm pretty miserable. We are skipping the Christmas tree this year.

Misty Dawn said...

Aww you poor thing!! I can't believe after all that cleaning, you were struck by that awful HB. That had to be miserable. Yeah, my DH would have told me to run to the store to buy tums. LOL And I wouldn't have thought of it on my own either. I'm a total blonde.