Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The question and answer post

This post will be updated as new questions are added to the last post or this one. (my last post was today's post, so don't let this one fool you into not reading the other one.)

~ "if you regret anything at all in your life, what is it?"
---> I honestly don't do regrets. I made mistakes, yes, but I try to learn from them.

~ If Karl would have been a girl what would the name have been?
---> Ruby.

~ I love all of your tatoos. Is there any meaning behind them? Do you have a favorite?
---> No meaning, just things I really like. My favorite is always my newest, so it's my unfinished sleeve at the moment. It's going to be so fucking awesome when it's done.

~ Since it is Christmas time,I was wondering what your favorite part of Christmas is or your favorite Christmas tradition you and your family have.
---> Everyone gets new pajamas Christmas Eve. And then my favorite part of the holiday is hanging around in the morning, ooing and ahhing over any new gifts and watching "A Christmas Story". I think my favorite part is going through all my gifts and getting them out of the package, washing new clothes, finding new places for the new stuff. The organization part.

~ If you could meet anyone (alive/ dead/ fiction/ etc) who would it be and why?
---> Kurt Cobain. Because he had a really profound effect on me growing up.

~ How did you get into heroin?
---> Funny that the last question was about Kurt Cobain. I honestly think I wanted to be a cool rock star. I new lots of punk bands and did the touring thing and I just thought it was like the coolest drug. I did "try" most drugs once, never liking many of them, but heroin was different. It made me feel like a God.

~ How did you get out?
---> One of the times I OD'd and my parents found me "dead", underwater. When I saw my mom's eyes in that I was killing her, not just myself, I quit cold turkey. Moved to Colorado to make sure it stuck.

~ Does the movie Trainspotting get into the depth of your soul?
---> I can't watch any movies about junkies. It bothers me that much to see it.

~ What is your favorite dinner to eat? That includes appetizers and desserts.
---> I'm a steak and potatoes girl. I love a good salad like one at Outback. Just a "normal" American salad. Then a rare bloody cold steak - a good cut. And maybe even a sweet potatoe on the side or veggies like asparagus.

~ How did you come up with all of your kids names?
---> I named Ella after Reese Witherspoon's character's name in Legally Blonde. Her name in the movie was "Elle" but my husband thought that was a letter, not a name. I added the 'a" and there it was. Allison was named by my hubsand. And Karl is the name of my best friend who died almost 5 years ago.

~ Who is your favorite tattoo artist in Denver? Can they do free hand work?
---> Don't know any denver artists.

~ What is your religious background, and where do you "reside" in your belief's now?
---> Grew up Catholic. Became Mormon once but didn't believe it, I only did it to appease a friend. Now? I'm a little bit Buddhist and a little bit agnostic. I believe there is something, but probably not some one big power being. More like an energy.

~ How much of a neat/clean freak are you?
---> I used to be extremely so. Where I couldn't relax at night unless I had the house perfect. With each kid, a little more was given up. I can overlook clutter now because I have found cleaning takes away from my time being a mom and wife. Don't get me wrong - my house is clean, as you won't find anything gross, but it does get cluttered. It bugs me still, yes, but sometimes I give a little bit of my annoyance up to hang out with my family. We do make sure we do a full clean (vacuum, mopping, toilets, sinks, etc) once a week.

~ favorite sexual position?
---> I do like to be on top in reverse cowgirl and also from behind, but my favorite is sort of missionary (I don't know the name). Me on my back and my hips up on a pillow, my feet either on his shoulders or legs slung over his shoulders, him supporting his weight with his arms while he's up on his knees a bit. Craziest thing is I can't have an orgasm with my legs up though - I get there, no doubt, but I ~have~ to put my legs down to finish. Something about being up there won't let it happen!

~ What is the one thing in your life you would change if you could- not talking about regret or changing the past- if you could change just one thing ~now~?
---> I honestly wouldn't change anything. If I did, I may not be where I am right now.

~ What scared you the most about becoming a parent before Ella? Was it worth the fear?
---> Making mistakes. But figured out I'm the only mommy she's ever had so that also makes me the best mommy she's ever had. It allowed me to trust my instincts.

~ What scares you the most about becoming a parent again now with Karl?
---> That the number of children now outnumber the parents. I don't want to lose control.

~ What do you most look forward to about meeting your little boy?
---> besides just the overwhelming love I'll have when I meet my son, I look forward to breastfeeding.

~ Is there a moment, or milestone that you dream about more than others?
---> In what manner? Pregnancy? Or life in general?

~ If you had to be stranded with only one person for a month, who would it be? (Anyone- alive or dead)
---> My husband.

~ How did you get involved in roller derby?
---> I turned 35 and felt suddenly old. Saw a recruiting poster and went. Simple as that! I'll be back mid March.

~ And here's one just for me and anyone else who happens to live in Colorado Springs: what are your favorite Springs hangouts?
---> Well, now that I'm pregnant, I don't have many! But I love Jack Quinn's and that's my drinking spot when I go get to go out. :)


margelina said...

I'm with ya on the sex positions!
BTW...I'm an x-ray tech at an inner city hospital!

Nikki said...

Hey Nancy - thanks for your comment. We're flying out to Denver on 12/31, and tentative ER is for 1/7 (this could change, depending on my response). We will change our return flights to fly back a day or so after ER.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy--here's another question for you, unless you're done, in which case, feel free to disregard... How did you get involved in roller derby? I've always thought they're the coolest women around. And here's one just for me and anyone else who happens to live in Colorado Springs: what are your favorite Springs hangouts? (Love your blog!)

Mareike said...

I wasn't expecting any Christmas gifts today but I was reading your blog and you asked after me. It was truly a very special gift. It made me cry.
I was going to send this as a private message but then I thought it can't hurt to remind people that sometimes the most touching gift is to just let someone know you are thinking of them (in whatever form you choose to do it.)

nancy said...

Mareike - ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Love hearing more about you.

JamieD said...

I love your question and answer posts! I am behind on my reader so when I sat down tonight, I had 14 un-read blog posts from The New Life of Nancy! It's like a little Nancy marathon!