Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well ~that~ was embarrasing.

I had my "32 week" OB appointment yesterday. It went smoothly.

~ I first had to pee in a cup, which Ella found VERY amusing.

~ I'm gaining weight like there is no tomorrow - Up 3 lbs from 2 weeks ago putting my total weight gain at a hefty 27 pounds! (+12 lbs from IVF/FET and +15 lbs from pregnancy).

~ My fundus measured 27cms. It should be within 30-34, so I'm on the small side, but due to baby's position, Dr T isn't worried.

~ My blood pressure was normal and the baby's heartbeat was also normal.

~ Asked about his on call Dr rotation for delivery and found out he's in a group of ~6~ doctors. Ack! He only shares an office with one of the doctors and the other 4 are completely unknown to me. I want him to deliver me! He simply said "Don't worry, I'll make sure I'll do the delivery." I don't know how that will happen, but hot damn, that's good.

~ I did ask if everyone in his on call rotation does the perineum stretching trick and he said he didn't know. See, my doc stretches the perineum between contractions, so he avoids tearing and episiotomies. I didn't have either with the births of my girls, so I'm hoping to avoid it again. It hurts like hell and during delivery, I hate him for it, but it's so much better in the long run. No issues, no healing pain, no trouble with going to the bathroom.

And now the embarrassing part. So if you are a guy who knows me, please look away now. This is just nothing you should know about me.

~ I had a question this time. See, my lips down below are freaking ginormous right now. Very swollen. They have been ever since I got pregnant. In fact, they are kind of like they were when I was taking those viagra suppositories, which increased my blood flow to the nether regions. I've known about it for awhile now, but just the other day I got out a mirror and took a peek. ~gasp~. Hugeness. Not normal. Not normal at all. Now, I don't remember if they were like this with the girls, I certainly think I would remember though.

So I ask my OB about them. He said it's normal to happen during pregnant, but it doesn't happen to everyone nor every pregnancy. He called it something, which I can't remember, and he said that it "usually" goes away after birth. Um, usually? He said that for some women, it stays swollen, but not to worry as he can perform a labiaectomy. Yes. A labiaectomy. Surgically make my lips look normal again. Oh goodness.

As we are discussing this, I mention that it feels like it did when I was on viagra. He said he has heard of that treatment and wanted to know more. He started to ask me all kinds of questions - the funniest being if I really did feel a heightened sex drive from the increased blood flow. (This was ~not~ a creepy conversation at all by the way - you could tell he was medically interested, not personally.) I explained how it did, in fact, increase my libido but due to all the stuff I was sticking up my vagina during my FET (3 estrogen pills and 4 viagra suppositories per day, not overlapping any of them) made for a messy area and somehow leaking out blue goo didn't set the mood right. Then we were both laughing at the hilarity of it all. Only I would have this conversation with a doctor.

~ The nursery is completely finished. And I mean DONE. I bought a full size bed to put in the corner so we would still have somewhat of a guest room in the house. We just need another bed. When someone is sick or snoring or when we can't lay in a certain position because of a new tattoo or whatever, another bed is just necessary. That was delivered last week and I bought a sheet/comforter set from PBK that matches the color scheme of the crib bedding / throw rug / curtains. I also washed all of his clothes and situated everything just right. It's ready. Like there is literally ~nothing~ left to do. It just needs a baby now. I find myself just walking in the nursery just to look at it. It's so calm and peaceful. And it just makes me so fucking excited to bring a newborn home.

~ My ticker says 7w3d until my due date. But my guess is 6w6d if I'm able to go naturally. If something goes wrong with growth/placenta/fluid, best case scenario is 4w3d. Another chance I have is making it to 35 weeks, which is 2w3d away. Ack. That's close. Although I can't wait to meet my son, I really want to stay pregnant for the entire 40 weeks. I don't want to miss out on any of these days. Before I know it, it'll be all over and I'll never feel it again.


margelina said...

LOL...I had that happen all 3 pregnancies and they did in fact go back to normal all 3 times. Thank God...the labiaectomy sounds horrendous! Along the same lines as that hymen reconstruction they do to make it like you are a virgin again...weird!
I think I gained the most with #3 at around 35lbs.
Horray for having it all done! How about Christmas? Are you ready?


very exciting! put pics of the nursery up!

The Captain's Wife said...

God am I glad you are blunt, I don't feel like such a freak any more!
I had the exact same conversation about my lady parts with my Dr. last Monday! Like I can feel them when I walk! They had better go down afterwards cause when I all nice and groomed again I don't need any additional bananas hanging below the tree line!

jenn said...

Holy crap- that is close! While I too am excited to ~meet~ Karl- I would rather wait as long as you & he can!

-Love the convo with your doc by the way! It's too bad you are so shy about all this stuff! ;o)

Thanks for the conversation- it was really good to laugh that much tonight!

MrsSpock said...

After my failed induction/c-section, I had nearly 40 lbs of edema in my body. Everything was swollen far beyond its normal size, and I mean everything. That was freaky.

Massive edema was common in the ICU. You should have seen the men's manly parts- imagine a scrotum the size of a small pumpkin, and a penis so enormous, it was as big around as a Coke can. We had to use a pillowcase as a sling to hold it up.

Sarah R said...

Good, I was checking your blog today and like, "Okay! Fucking update!!" We're usually so spoiled to get posts once a day.

OMG, you are getting so close!!! I can't believe you're in the home stretch.

My doctor was so awesome. He just happened to be the one on-call when I came in that day. He was like, "All RIGHT!!!!!!! Let's have a BABY!!!!!" and all clapping his hands all excited, as soon as they wheeled me back to L&D (I was bleeding like a sonofabitch; thus, the wheelchair).

Sarah R said...

Oh, and LOL about the swollen lips. The last month or so, it felt like a big ol' swollen grapefruit down there.

Sarah R said...

MrsSpock: a penis SLING?! LMFAO.........that is great.

jenn said...

You got it sister! We always wanted to go travel- who knows when, but we'll make it out there, lol! I'd say we could meet in Boston next time you are up there cuz my in-laws are only an hour away, but I don't think we are going there anytime soon... Someday for sure!

You rock!

Tara said...

Ha ha... not being able to lay in a certain position due to a new tattoo - I can totally relate to that.

Also have a feeling that I can relate to the embarrassing part of this post but I'm pretending not. Out of site, out of mind. If I don't see it, it isn't happening - right?

Kymberli said...

I most definitely want to see pictures. Of the nursery, not your nether regions. :)

Denise said...

Do you find it difficult to pee in a cup without peeing all over your hand as you get further along, or is it just me?

I haven't noticed the labia thing, but I have noticed that the skin above that area (where hair normally grows) is completely puffy and squishy. I think it must be edema, like I have in my lower abdomen, but just a bit lower. Weird.

Kirsten said...

Have you read Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs"??? Awesome book and all so honest and in-your-face, not your average pregnancy book but I got some great info from it and tons of laughs...especially the part about the blue twinkies...which I am sure you can figure out what she's referencing...
I didn't experience that but is it weird that I'm wondering what in the heck it must look like?!?! NOT gonna google it though...

Nikki said...

Wow - you're getting close! I'm sure you're excited! :-)

Yay on a great 32 week appointment, and yay on getting your nursery done!

Good luck with everything!

Ali said...

Speaking of tearing, my perineum didn't with Owen's birth but the upper outer part of my labia did. Right where the hair line tapers off into the nether regions. I didn't know it until I peed for the first time, and I screamed so loud I had Adam and a couple nurses run in to check on me. I had to use neosporin on it for weeks and it hurt so much worse than my tear from Lauren's birth.

Geohde said...

Oh, I had that.

Everything down there was puffy and kinda big. To be blunt, my husband had a hard time navigating down there, mind you not that he got many opportunities what with all the contractions.

It does go back ;)


Topcat said...

In the interests of public safety, I cannot comment on what I really WANT to say. Except, that area for me is, not smallish ANYWAY. So, when I was pregnant, my vagina looked like a furry monster that would eat small children. Whole.

Shea said...

Hey Nancy!

The docs normally will write on your prenatal "call for delivery" and even if they aren't working the nurses will call them to come in. That's probably what will happen.

Take care!

Jen said...

You are getting so very close! And I hope he stays in there for a while.

So would you actually do the liabiaectomy with the OBGYN or a plastic surgeon and be on Dr. 90210?

ssbean said...

That labiaectomy thing, I've never heard of that. And it sounds like you had a very unique conversation with your doctor. I need to ask my doctor about the stretching thing, sounds like it's worth it. OMG, I can't believe you're that close to delivery. I'm sure it's more of a bittersweet thing for you. Enjoy the next 2-7wks of being pregnant. I will miss the most, your daily post, when you do go in to give birth. I'm sure we'll miss a day or two.

Carrie said...

I was reading about doing perineum massage on yourself with some sort of cream or oil in preparation for labor. Must research more of that!

Amanda said...

BLUE TWINKIES!!! I asked my husband if I had blue twinkies and he said they were moer purple-ish. He said everything down their was a different color and size right now. Of course it's made anything sexual not as enjoyable and uncomofortable at times.

I'm glad that the visit went so well. I can completely picture you having conversations like that with a doctor.