Monday, December 1, 2008

This is just the coolest.

While I wanted to keep the last post on top for awhile because it's just so damned funny, I wanted to take this opportunity to review a product that I just ~love~. And, I think each one of you, no matter where you are in your journey, could find something you would love. Really. Don't click away thinking this is just a mommy thing! I bet you each and every one of you will find something!

The company itself is called MommyTags, but it's NOT just for mommies. Let me show you some of the things they offer.

First off is the Mommy Tag itself. I have a set and will buy an additional tag once Karl makes his arrival. I ~love~ my necklace and I wear it quite often. But you will ~never~ see me without it while I am on a trip. Anytime I am away from the kids, this is the only necklace I wear.

Second is the Daddy Tag. My husband has a set and has the exact feelings about it as I do with mine. Except my husband wears it every single day. What he likes about it even more is it doesn't feel like "jewelry" to him. He's not a jewelry wearer, except his wedding ring. This necklace has larger tags than the mommy tags and it really gives the look of dog tags:

The next one is the Remembrance Tag. A name or a date can be engraved on it. I just love this and I have suggested it to a few parents who had suffered a loss. I think it's a beautiful way to remember a lost soul. And to this tag, other tags can be added or this tag can be added to another necklace, making it completely personal.

Do you have any fur babies? Then you know how important our pets are to us. My animals are definitely part of the family and they are my babies too. With the Wagg Tag, you can show them off too. These necklaces aren't ~just~ for kids!

Here is a little tag you can get for your kids so they can have their own bracelet or necklace. MommyTags recommends not giving to a child under the age of 4, but I don't think I'd give it to my 4 year old anyway! I would, however, love to have it and display it in her room, until she was old enough to care for it herself. I know without a doubt my girls would love this.

Next up is a new tag which just started being offered. It's called the Doodle Tag and what you do is upload your a doodle (made by a child, yourself, anyone) and a tag will be made. What's ~really~ cool is along with the tag, you'll also get the wood mounted rubber stamp that was made to create your tag. You can use this stamp with an ink pad and stamp anything you want. I am ~so~ going to do this one after the holidays.

Finally is the Circle of Love Tag. This is to show your love for your hunny. You choose one of the tags - "Forever," "Cherish," or "True Love" and then your first names and date of union will be engraved on the back. Cute, eh?

I contacted the owners of MommyTags to get permission for me to "review" their product because I love them so much. And not only so I just think this is a cool idea, the quality itself is awesome. Very sturdy pieces of silver, not in the least bit cheap. And as Christmas approaches, I thought now would be a good time to let you all see what they offer. Quite often do I see bloggers wondering what to get a new mom or dad. Or how to memorialize a loss.

(I removed the last part of this post because to explain it, I would have to discuss things I would rather remain private. You gotta remember that this is a public blog with a lot of traffic, so you have to know I'm not going to air out my dirty laundry. I would rather just say "trust me" when I make a judgment upon something, but sometimes that is hard to accept when the back story remains untold.)


Sara said...

I LOVE this - I am definetely going to have to purchase some! I love that I can get one to remember Samuel, and then one for baby brother or sister.

Thanks for sharing Nancy!

m said...

VERY cool indeed! I am bookmarking this page now.

And thanks for your comment to let me know the whole wide BlogHer world knows how I feel about my aereolas. :-) Oh brother.

jenn said...

They are so cool! I love the Daddy tags- maybe the hub would actually wear jewelry for this!

Jenera said...

Those are too cool! I have been on the lookout for something like this since this will be our last baby. I want to have something with both of their names together.

And I LOVE the doodle one!

Sarah R said...

NEAT!!! I have a Silpada necklace. I have a silver chain and you can buy different charms for it. I have a little boy one for it now, and I will get a 2nd one for whatever this baby turns out to be. I don't think I have a link, but they're very similar!

Jen said...

Love this!! I might think about getting the remembrance tag and put Shawn's name and dates on it.

Thanks for sharing with us!!

Jason and Samantha said...

I LOVE those. I might buy one for the husband for Christmas.

And BTW - pooping on the table was and still is a big fear of mine. Like you, it wouldn't be such a big deal if my husband wasn't watching. Luckily, this time, I just peed. lol

Amanda said...

Those are beautiful. Saved to my favorites!

MrsSpock said...

Those are awesome! I have a bracelet my best friend got me with mine, my husband's, and our son's name engraved on the links.

nancy said...

Some of you might notice that I removed any comments that commented on the part of the post I removed. I honestly don't know if my blog is read so I don't want to have any references out here.

Thanks for your comments though! I was bummed to have to remove some of them, as they were really nice comments. :)

JamieD said...

Those are very cool . . . thanks for sharing!!