Friday, December 26, 2008

I meant that as a joke!

My back has hurt in a strange place and quite badly over the past week or so. It was under my shoulder and nothing seemed to help it - heat, position, muscle relaxers, etc. I have some vicodin which would help take the pain away, but as soon as the med wore off, it still hurt. It was way too high for it to be directly from the baby, but maybe referred pain. I joked that my rib was out.

I went to see my massage therapist for my bi-weekly massage and it was the first thing he focused on. 20 seconds into checking it out, he told me my rib was out of place! He said it was twisted upwards, causing a big ole lump on my back. He said it was quite painful to put back but it would be better to feeling the pain I was feeling. Then he got all nervous because I'm so pregnant that he called in the owner. She showed him a different technique and did her magic on me. It HURT! But, hopefully, I won't feel the pain I've been feeling lately. Please oh please let it be better! It's not a constant hurt, so I am not able to tell if it's better yet. It's sore, sure, but time will tell if the massive pain is gone.

Funny story about the belly here - so feel free to just skip the rest of this post if you aren't interested, as that's the last thing I'm going to discuss.

As I mentioned yesterday, we got a new camera for Christmas. This camera, in auto mode, will focus on the faces of anyone in the picture, using them as the focus points. No clue how the camera figures it out, but it does. Well, last night, I got a new set of pajamas from my mother in law and might I say, they are ~awesome~. I like the material. I like the style. She got them in my normal size and they are not maternity, so I don't really get to enjoy them right now. But after I got done putting everything away after the big 2nd gift opening last night, I said "screw it!" as I want to wear them now! So I put them on. They are a little tight over my larger butt and thighs and they have to sit under my belly. And the shirt only barely covers down to my belly button. But they fit I was able to get them on!

I wanted to get a picture of the hilarity of it all. I grab the camera, hand it to Tom and ask him to take a picture. He starts to focus and then starts laughing his ass off. I'm looking at him like he's crazy and ask him wtf? He says "the focus box is automatically centering on your belly". Nice. Even inanimate objects know what the biggest part of my body is.

Photographic evidence:


Amanda said...

That's just too funny about the belly focus!

I hope the rib pain is gone. Ouch!

Jewels said...

Hope you feel better after your message. I cant wait to see your pajama pics if you post them.

Thinking of you. Merry Christmas.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh...that story made me laugh out loud!! Stupid camera, what do they know anyways.

I got a new camera yesterday too, and it zooms in on faces as well. I also wondered how it did that.


the EXACT same thing just happened to my very pregnant friend...her rib was out. she too spoke of the pain and went to a chiropractor. hope it worked!!!

Karyn with a Y said...

You are still cute as hell! And we have one of those cameras too. It can me annoying at times.

Nikki said...

I hope your shoulder gets better soon! Ouch - you've been having some big time back issues lately!

LOL on the belly focus. Cute pictures though - the color makes you look like a little girl :-)

Hollie said...

Sorry about the back and rib pain! Crazy what these kids do to our poor bodies. LOL about the jammies. Too cute. I haven't bought any maternity jammies, so that's about what I look like everynight!

margelina said...

Oh, they aren't too bad. YOu don't look ~so~ ridiculous, only a little, ha!
And yep, my sidebar stuff is new. I'm working on more. My fav. is the "sunshine" one...just SO me!

Kathy said...

That is funny! but the pj's look awfully comfortable!!! you look great!!!

I hope your pain goes away soon!!

Jen said...

It is so round it almost looks like a head! Wow you are getting big. I can't believe this baby is due in less than a month.

jenn said...

Yikes- sorry about the rib! Hope it's feeling better soon!

You look awesome! I love the shirt over the belly- hysterical! The pants look pretty normal though. The belly is getting huge! (in a good way of course!)
Less than a month- holy crap!

Amanda said...

Your jammies fit you better than mine would right now. ;-) Once again, you are such a hot pregnant chic!