Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Anyone want to take guesses?

How long do you think my luteal phase will be THIS cycle?

~ Average LP for all cycles is 12 days
~ Minimum LP for all cycles was 10 days
~ Maximum LP for all cycles was 13 days
~ The average LP for cycles when clomid or femara w/out progesterone was 11 days
~ The LP for the cycle when progesterone was taken post-o was 13 days

This cycle
~ Triggered ovulation w/ 7,500 IUs of hCG
~ 200 mg of progesterone will be taken daily starting @ 3dpo
~ 1,250 IUs of hCG will be injected at 5dpo
~ 1,250 IUs of hCG will be injected at 7dpo

This has GOT to get my LP to 14dpo, right???


jenn said...

woo-hoo- first to vote! I am the eternal optimist- well, at least for everyone else. I think it's going to be a 14 day lp. I ~hope~ it's going to be an approximayely 270 day LP... ;o)

nancy said...

aww! You are so cute! I was going to put up a "no 'lp' to count, cause I'll be pregnant!" but I thought that would jynx me!

BethH6703 said...

I'm with Jenn, cuz damnit, I have to be hopeful & optimistic for someone!

orodemniades said...

Er, is 10 day lp bad? Cuz that's what I've had for the past, oh, 12 years?

Sarah said...

I hope it's 270 days for you, too! Gotta love HCG shots and progesterone! ;)