Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My search phrases are hilarious.

The last 20 searches that linked to my blog:

12 thenewlifeofnancy
4 http://thenewlifeofnancy
3 thelifeofnancy blog
2 broken leg cast
2 hystography
2 www
2 leg cast
2 thelifeofnancy
1 thenewlifeofnanctbblogspot
1 infertility self injection
1 Pikes Peak Derby Dames
1 baby mistaken for folicals in ultrasound
1 rollerderbyme
1 "broke her leg"
1 cast leg broke
1 infertility
1 "3 year old" "normal BP"
1 can a left will a left over follice mature next month
1 what does "no one can make you feel inferior with out your consent
1 frenchy accent

I also love the IP track info in the statistics. Not that I know who the actual people are by the IPs, but there is so much you can tell from them - like what city it's from. It's always interesting to where your readers are from! Maybe I'll do something on the city from my top 10 cities list. Like once a week, put in a little known trivia fact. Hrm. I've never been to a lot of these places, so this may be hard!


Anonymous said...

I don't get what you mean...I don't get where the city thing came into play...?

Anonymous said...

You'll have to show me how to do that sometime!

Kim said...

I've never been able to figure out where all of this info. is... lol

nancy said...

Oh! Through my statistics counter (my webcounter at the bottom) it tracks things like # of hits to this page, top 20 searches that got people to this page, top IPs that come to this page. An IP is your computer's address - and with the IP info, my stat counter tells me what City it originated from. So I can tell what city all my readers come from. Of course, it only logs the "hit", I don't know the person, I just know that "someone from detroit clicked on my blog". There is a list of the "top 10 locations" that access my log as one of the features, so I get to see where my readers live! (at least what city they live in).

nancy said...

Kim - It's 3rd party software I have installed in my blog. Go to and sign up for an account. It'll ask you the name of your blog and it'll start keeping statistics on it. Then they'll give you code to add to your blog. From the dashboard of blogger, go into "setting", "Template", "Page Elements". Then you can add a new page element, pick "html/javascript" then add in the code.

THEN, you can log into your statcounter account and see all of this info. It's cool.

Krista said...

Dang I guess I should be more careful about what I write in my blog if some of those more random items lead to your page.

I still check in on you and wish for the best! May the surgery go very well!

nancy said...

Hey Krista!

I know! I mean, I know it's a public blog so I never say anything in here that I would need to keep private, but definitely - weird google searches makes it to my blog.

Thanks for your well wishes!

chicklet said...

U could get people to participate in the little known facts - ie. I could do Vancouver:-)

jenn said...

you will have noticed an increase in hits from me since this looked so cool I had to keep coming back to make sure I was doing it right!

Kim said...

I did it! I am excited to see what brings people to my blog, hehe.