Saturday, October 27, 2007

Misery loves company.

I know when I'm feeling ttc downtrodden, I seem to get some kind of support to read about other's who are in the same position. Well, maybe not same, but let's just say not a great position. Yeah, I run across the good news posts and if I "know" them, I still try to post a congrats or whatnot, but I will admit if they are new to me, I'll just quickly click away. Maybe another day.

I've noticed that every now and again, there are some really shitty comments posted around the block. To me, to others - just those random non-moderated comments. You can tell they aren't really from someone who has a personal issue with the person, just a shitty comment that by no means had to be given.

Do you think it's because of the "misery loves company" phenomenon? That there are a lot of readers who ~are~ in a bad spot, looking for misery to share in, which pretty much means they are in a bad mood to begin with? So when they see something that sparks their mean-bone, they just say it aloud because of said bad mood? Do you think these things would be said on a normal day?

It definitely makes me wonder. What about you? What do you think?


Kim said...

I agree, but I think it's all relative. For example (and for the sake of honesty), I've read some of your comments on my blog here and there and taken them the wrong way... I've been hurt or offended or have had the attitude of, 'well thanks a lot!'. But it wasn't about you, it was about me... you were being kind and supportive, and that's why I love ya. So I think it's all relative... maybe you're reading some comments and thinking that they're meant negatively *because* you're in a crappy place at that very moment and anything that isn't oozing with support is deemed negative. Just a thought, because I know I've done it. I could be way off base, though... I know there ARE a lot of unnecessary comments out their in the blogosphere.

Amanda said...

I really think that some people are just plain mean. Some just inconsiderate. Although we all have our really crappy days, there's no reason why we should crap on anyone's post. Of course that's jmo, though. :-)

SaraS-P said...

There are many reasons for those mean comments. Some people genuinely don't realize how bad they sound because they are so wrapped in their own misery, or they don't fully consider that someone with real feelings will read it. And, then, some people are just mean and like to stir stuff up.

katarinajellybeana said...

I think some of the time its that absense of tone that causes emails to be misinterpreted. Or people just say the wrong thing. I've done it and I torture myself with guilt if I catch it.

I think some of the time its our own kind being as flummoxed as a regular person about what to say.

I think some of the time it's crappy people who dig and nag at everyone in their lives as their default setting.

And once in a great while, I think it's someone who is only able to cope with their pain is to cause pain in others. I feel really sorry for those people.