Monday, October 22, 2007

psst ... go red sox!

I married into the red sox nation, so I've been cheering for them for about 10 years. But I ~do~ live in Colorado, so I'm happy the Rockies made it in. I'm absolutely flabberghasted they made it in, but yet still happy about it.

This will be the best world series yet. I do want to see the sox win, but I won't be upset to watch the colorado celebration if it goes the opposite way.

Finally. I'm in a win-win situation. sweet.


Wordgirl said...

Word of warning:

Or, on the otherhand -- a good piece of information to have...

the mention of Bill Buckner makes every Sox fan very, very sad.

Of course now that they actually won the World Series -- maybe it's first love was a Red Sox fan -- and we lived in Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy..this has nothing to do with the Red Sox but I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you hello and ive been thinking about ya! I hope you are doing good!
P.s.- Shake them haters off :)

Anonymous said...

hey i haven't seen a blog post from you in a while, just thought i'd check in with ya and see how you were and if everything was ok...hope to talk to you soon, take care.

Lauren (L_Chelle) said...

Hey Nancy!! I have been looking for you all week! I just wanted to say that we miss you on the board. A lot of us moved over to the 6+ board. I may need you next week. If you don't know already, I had to start my 2ww over again :( When I put in my weekend temps FF moved my O date to cd27. So here I am waiting again. Just wanted to say hello!