Monday, October 29, 2007

Holiday Socks.

I like socks. Ah. The feeling of a new pair of thick socks is pure joy. I won't even wash those socks that come in a big bulk plastic package first. This is something to say because I always wash everything before I wear it. I even wash things I have packed away myself, like my winter wardrobe that I washed before packing. Even if they were packed away neatly inside an airtight container and stored in the closet. They must be washed again before I wear it. But not socks. There is something about new fluffy socks. Something that would be lost if washed first.

I've mentioned that wearing socks is one of the definite bonuses of me being on roller derby. The little outfits are fucking awesome, but it's the socks that does it for me. All over the knee. Many are striped. Some are solid. Some are wool, some are cotton. Some are thin, must most are of a thicker cotton. Some are fishnet (okay, so those aren't socks really). Some are argyle. Some have skulls on them. I just got a new sock shipment today. Red and white thick striped. Red and pink striped (sounds weird, but so cute). Baby blue and black striped with 3 silver stars up the outer side. Red and white with winking skulls. Black with white stars.

Ahhh. Socks.

I hate holiday socks though. And while I may roll my eyes at any of these when other people wear them, I don't think other people are stupid for liking it themselves. The eyerolling if definitely because I don't get it and I wouldn't want it for myself.

Christmas socks with little christmas trees, wreathes or mistletoe. Halloween socks with ghosts. Groundhog day socks. Valentine day socks with hearts. Hate them. Hate them all.

They are usually that really thin material - like dress socks. Or so fucking thick that you wouldn't even be able to wear your normal show size (if, for some ungodly known reason, you'd want to wear them outside). None of them I have ever owned (ie: given to me as a gift and I proceed with the obligatory wearing upon opening them) gave me that warm fuzzy soft new soft feeling. They always feel itchy to me. Or too thick. Or too loose.

I don't know. I don't see the difference in the kind of socks I do like - the kind with little skulls and crossbones on it - to the kind representing a holiday. I know it's not because of one is "cutesy" and one "punkish". I have plenty of cutesy socks, but they are not holiday themed. I honestly don't know why the holiday motif turns me off in socks. I like holidays. I even decorate my house for the major ones. But those socks. Ugh.

Don't even get me started on embroidered holiday sweaters.


BethH6703 said...

now I happen to like holiday socks... I have my animal santa socks (a cat santa pair, and a dog santa pair), I have fancy white socks with metallic red reindeer on them, and I've had many many MANY other pair

but I am totally with you on the holiday sweaters. who the fuck decided those hideous things were "cute"?

Kaci said...

Any chance I can get a shipment of roller derby socks - they sound awesome. I like holiday socks too though...

jennifercarol said...

I'm with you on the holiday sweaters. Every year my sister goes to a holiday sweater party where everybody wears the most god awful sweater they can find. I've seen the pictures of her husband dressed up in some gaudy thing from the JC Penny's women's department....and its some pretty funny stuff!

Sarah R (happychic22) said...

I hate holiday socks too. Every pair I've had in the past (all of them gifts, none of them purchased by me) have gotten holes in them. That says a lot, considering they were only worn annually, and not every year! They always end up in the garbage.