Friday, October 26, 2007

I can't stop puking.

Isn't that a nice title?

I'm sick. My kids are sick. My husband is sick. Whatever bug is flying around right now, it sure took hold in this family.

I tossed my cookies a few times yesterday. Then I had to go to the mall to buy some school girls skirts, ruffled panties, thigh high socks & fishnets (have I mentioned I ~love~ the derby outfits?). Then I went and sat for 2 1/2 hours getting my tattoo worked on (half sleeve). Then went shopping for food/paper products. Then I was starving. I hadn't eaten anything since I puked it all up, and I was famished. So I stop at "burrito king" which is very authentic mexican. Little hole in the wall, no one spoke english and I was the only white girl. Being from phoenix, I'm used to it to get this kind of yummy food so I brought home a beautiful bean/cheese burrito made on homemade tortilla. Mmmmm. I pounded it. 2 minutes later my hubsand looks at me and says "Nance, do you really think that was a good idea?". Hrm. 5 minutes after that I was huddled around the toilet, both hands grasping for dear life as my stomach decided the burrito was a no-go. Damn.

Today I am hungry, but I dare not eat what I crave. I munched on a plain bagel and so far so good. None of that tell-tale mouth watering to let me know the inevitable is about to happen. Plus, I'm in the office today. I ~hate~ puking in public bathrooms. I don't even like having my ass have to get close to those bowls, much less my face. ~shudder~

TTC news? Yeah, there is none. I keep taking my little birth control pill everyday like a good girl. Makes me laugh that they think we need to control the possibility of birth. Like I get pregnant SO easily that I have to take a medication to make sure it doesn't happen. bah.

Anywho - surgery is in a week from today. I don't really think it's called "surgery" so much as a hysteroscopy. They are knocking me out and they will cut out pieces from inside my uterus, but they aren't cutting ~through~ me to get there, so does that even count?

Doc google just informed me getting actual "work" done in there is called "operative hysteroscopy", so maybe it does count.


Lauren (L_Chelle) said...

Sorry you still aren't feeling well. I hope it goes away soon. The flu is no fun.

I would definetly LOVE those derby outfits too. Hot girls kickin' ass...every man's dream!!!! Good luck with your surgery and i hope you have a speedy recovery!!

Kim said...

We're sick, too. I hope you guys start feeling better. It definitely wasn't smart to choose mexican with a sick tummy, though.. poor nancy!

elephantscanremember said...

I am sorry you're sick. I hope you all get better soon! Please let us know how your surgery goes.

KatieM said...

Oh hun, Im so sorry! I knew Allie was sick, but I didn't know it spread around the family. It sounds like what my BIL and SIL went through about two weeks ago. I hope everything is getting better though!

Amanda said...

I'm sorry you're all sick. :-( I hope you and your family all feel better, soon.

Good luck with the surgery!!

Anonymous said...

Why do people go into work when they're sick? They just make others sick.

If you're sick...stay home.

nancy said...

Anon - because I stayed home for four days and I live in a cubicle at work anywho. It's not like I was making your hot chocolate.

Seriously. You took the time to type that to me?

nancy said...

Ah. I think the sick work rate in Chantilly, VA is super high. I get it "anon". :)

SaraS-P said...

Yet again, you remind that having kids is not all fabulous - how many times have I heard of a family all getting a stomach bug at the same time? Hope you all feel better, soon.

I hope the surgery goes well, and, yes, I consider it surgery.

We are having another baby. said...

Sorry to hear that you and your family are all sick. It sucks to have your little one sick, but it is even worse when you are sick yourself. Yeah mexican was probably not a good idea but when you are so hungry anything sounds good.

On another not about tats. I was watching LA Ink the other day and there was a girl on getting a pin up of a women in a roller derby outfit. It was actually 2 women and the one was blocking out the other girl. It turned out so cool. I thought of you immediately when I saw that.

Hope you all start feeling better soon.

Julie said...

Yuck, we've had it going around too. I went home puking on Monday and was nauseous the rest of the week. How much potato soup can one person eat for lunch in a week??

Sarah R (happychic22) said...

Ugh--that sucks that you were all sick. I hate vomiting more than anything else. I'd rather have a cold for a year than throw-up for a day.

Maybe you'll throw up your pill too many days in a row and get pregnant! ;)