Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm having a "poor me" moment.

I ~puffy heart~ the lost and found connections. I go through it religiously, everyday, to try to support those in need and congratulate those with good news.

And it hit me today.

There are things put in the "support needed" section that I have gone through quite recently. I have had 2 failed IUI cycles. I needed the cheering when I started and I needed the support when they failed. The last IUI cycle, just last month, was the worst I've ever felt in my failures. Good lord - I was listening to coldplay 24x7. I don't even like coldplay.

Of course, I got cheers and support from the people who read my blog. I'm not complaining about that at all. But in thinking of the fact that there are no clickers in my categories checking in on me, made me a bit sad.

I'm ~totally~ whining about this and being a big baby right now. I know there are A LOT of secondary infertiles, IUIers, cysters, parenting after IF links in that big old blogroll. I know that everyone can't be covered. Heck, I'm a clicker and I know I miss some. I do try to go through ALL of the links in my categories once a week, but I'm sure I miss some. It just got me thinking, not only about my own passed-over-ness, but who else is out there, doing the best they can to support others on this wonderful and great forum, but are passed over themselves?


chicklet said...

Yea, it's hard sometimes trying to get everyone. I don't think you're whining at all, it's just one of those things we can't help but feel left out of, when there's so much else we can be left out of. Hopefully you're getting other support from the rest of us:-)


Hi...just wanted to let you know that I read...and look forward to...your blog everyday! I have ever since your article on secondary infertility as I am going through that myself. You are right, people don't understand that even if you have a child(ren)-you still long for more! I have never posted, but wanted you to know that I do check in on you and keep you in my thoughts throughout your journey!

nancy said...

chicklet. can i say how fucking awesome you ~always~ are? Whether it's a comment like this that makes me feel way better about how I can't help but feel OR how you are able to share your own thoughts in your blog posts in ways that pull everyone in. Your words just scream that if given the chance, i would love to know you.

wish/hope/pray - thanks for the comment :) I really appreciate you coming out of lurk mode to tell me. I know I have readers and I am ~so~ thankful for all of them. So thank you for reminding me! (and now I can read ~your~ blog!)

TTC said...

I often feel like I am writing to nobody and sometimes I prefer to feel that way. I'm not really in this whole IF blog circle that so many of you appear to be in but I do have a selection of blogs that I love to check on regularly and yours is one of them. Sometimes a smaller audience is so much better but I know what you mean about sometimes feeling left out.

nancy said...

ttc - I agree to an extent. I have to feel like I'm writing to noboday, so I don't expect a zillion responses. But if I do get any comments at all, I have to admit for me, it makes me feel good.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

Hey....not specifically regarding this post, but I woke up this morning and you were on my mind. I hope you're doing OK today.


PS- I love the roller derby name and that you are so kick ass.

Anonymous said...

Nancy, you can always count on me! :) I can't say I understand, and I wont say that, because I dont. But I am here to tell you how awesome you are and how VERY STRONG you are, that you can get through anything thrown in your way, come on you're MurderRita! Love the nickname by the way!
P.s.- how in the world do i get the.."morgan says.." cause i dont have a google acct.?

Kim said...

I read :O)... I've been reading everyone, but not commenting so much because I'm just tired of all of this. Not tired of you or any of my other favorite bloggers, just tired of this crap that we have to deal with.