Friday, October 19, 2007

My pomegranate bracelet.

It's gone. I just suddenly realized it's not on my wrist. omg. Panic. Where did it go?

I remember playing with it during derby practice. Twiddling the end around each other blindingly. I remember because I thought that I was so sweaty - just literally dripping sweat off my head and arms and chest - I was thinking it was good the bracelet was on me at all times. It was being savaged by blood, sweat and tears too.

And that's the last time I cognitively thought about it.

Ugh. I need to find it. Hopefully it's just at home - tucked in my bed or something. I've only had if for a little over a month now - I can't of lost it.

I know it's "just a string" but it's WAY more than "just a string" all at the same time. I need it back. Not a new one. I need that one back.


InDueTime said...

If you give me a chance this weekend I might be able to make you one. I'll try to drop you a line by Sunday to let you know if I got it done and I can mail it Monday.

nancy said...

No way! HOw freaking awesome are you? I wasn't able to find mine :(.

You are awesome. Let me know!!!