Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Want in on my insanity?

Okay, hold on to your math hats. I'm a mathlete.

When wondering how long hCG stays in your system, many go by the average of "1,000 UIs/day". Since I am a poas-aholic, I know that after a trigger of 10,000 UIs, I am usually getting stark white bfns by 7-8dpo. Let's say 8dpo for the math factor. That means ~my~ body processes about 1,250 units per day.

This cycle I had:

7,500 IUs 9 days ago, on ovulation day.
1,250 IUs 4 days ago, at 5dpo
1,250 IUs 2 days ago, at 7dpo.

Before my 3rd trigger on 7dpo, 2 days after last trigger and 7 days after 1st trigger, I POAS. It was BFN. Nada. Stark White.

That means in 7 days, 7,500IUs was processed (makes sense) and in 2 days, another 1,250 was processed (again, makes sense).

Okay, we good so far? I have verified that trigger is gone.

I give myself trigger #3. About 12 hours later (that night), I POAS and get a BFP. This was Sunday night. Makes sense. I'm still within processing time.

Of course I want to check to see when it's gone, so 24 hours later (36 hours after last trigger), Monday night, I POAS again after holding urine for 3 hours or so. It's a ~faint~ bfp. Okay, so this one is taking a little longer to get out. Okay. Fine.

9dpo. This morning, I poas using fmu, which has only been held for about 3 hours, due to I had to pee in the midst of the morning. It's a bfp again. But darker. ~argh~ !!! WTF? Seriously?

Which leads me to have to make some conclusions. It could definitely still be the last trigger. Maybe this one is taking more than a day to process. I'm at the 2 day mark and still getting a bfp. It could happen. And maybe this morning's darker bfp was just because it was more concentrated than last nights. Yeah, I did pee, but I didn't drink anything else, so still, it was from liquid all night.

It all makes sense that it's still the trigger. And plus, I'm ~only~ 9dpo. Sure, my chart went triphasic 2 days ago. If I am, ~cough~cough~, pregnant, implantation would have already happened on 6dpo. Which is early but not impossible. So it's possible to get a bfp already. But I AM taking progesterone supplements, so that could attest for the higher temps. But I started taking the supps on the morning of 3dpo. Why would it wait 3 days to make my temps higher?

SEE. My insanity. I wish I wasn't smart enough to think about all the possibilities. I wish I could blindly wait until 14dpo to test. I wish I knew that yes, it could be a possible real bfp. I wish I knew that no, it could definitely still be from the synthetic hcg I was injecting in my ass.

I know WAY too much and I don't know nearly enough.

So I wait. If it gets darker ~again~, then it's real. If it fades, it's not (but it's still early!) <--- gotta keep some hope, right?


We are having another baby. said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed super tight that it is a BFP.

BethH6703 said...

yep, I feel your pain.

no words of wisdom here... just hope that the bfp is a legit bfp.

Katarina Jelly Beana said...

My crystal ball is cloudy. The only images I see is a woman with roller skates pacing a room muttering about stupid injections...

I wish I could offer more clarity. In the meantime, I'll send you ~~~~positivevibes~~~~~

Artblog said...

ok, so I am completely confused! thats why i don't pee on sticks until period due, saves on excess anxiety, having said that I do hope it is a positive. Oh Nancy, what a fine mess you've gotton yourself into, deary me :) XXX

chicklet said...

That's some crazy-ass math, but I hope the math works out and it really IS a bfp for you:-)

Jenera Healy said...

I think I may just be stupid lol or I missed a post somewhere explaining it all. Why are you getting HcG shots? (I know it's all in the process of getting you PG) I just thought you were still in the time where you were on hold because of surgeries. I must have totally missed something.

Anywho, what are the shots for? Do they help with getting the hormones up for ovulation? For implantation. Sorry if you've already explained all of this, I'm just confused!

nancy said...

I have LUF syndrome, where I don't usually ovulate on my own. I make the follies, I make the LH, I surge, but they don't release. So, I need the hCG shots to force them to release.

I wasn't going to do any treatments right now, but I got stuck at the beginning of the cycle where it was cheaper to have a monitored cycle than pay out of pocket for what I already had done. So hCG shots & u/s is what I've had. No b/w. No insemination. Just the hcg and monitoring.