Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Put a gun in my mouth and just pull the trigger.

It would be less painful for me. Please?

Okay, no one tell me to stop poas. I'm a self-admitted poas-aholic and I will continue to pee, every time I have to, until I know what's going on.

And, you lucky blog reader - you get to read all about my urine catches. Yay for you!

Okeedokey. Since I had an hpt in my pocket, oh, "just in case", I poas again. I last peed at noontime and then used my pocket stash at 2:30. It was a medium diet pepsi (I must rather would choose coke) and 2 1/2 hours later, and it was still a bfp. It ~may~ be darker than this mornings, but if it is, it's just a tad darker. And hey, it could still be the 1,250 trigger 2 1/2 days ago (when the last 1,250 trigger was gone in under two days. I'm just saying).

What it does "prove" is the morning's darker bfp was ~not~ from a more concentrated sample. This one was as diluted, if not more, than yesterday evening's bfp. And it's darker than yesterday's (maybe this morning's too. can you believe it? I didn't carry the pee stained stick with me to work).

Due to the fact I have a bajillion hpts at home (yeah, I buy in bulk because I know the type of girl I am), I'm already holding it for the next tiddling. Maybe around 6pm? If I can, I'll hold longer. But honestly, I'm not a good holder (it's the progesterone's fault). So we'll see. If any of today's is darker than this morning's - well, I'm going to have to believe it. (of course a bunch of beta's will be in my future. I know a +hpt does not = a baby, but it's a good start.)

If tomorrow's is lighter, I'm going to look like a giant dork.

I actually somehow feel like Carolyn on "Tell Me You Love Me" when she first thinks she's pregnant and she acts it before it's even confirmed.

Of course I'm not telling anyone living around me all of this (okay, I told one girl here because I'm insane, but she won't hold it against me). But I didn't tell the lunch cart lady to try to score an extra cookie. (although I want to - just for the mere reality of it all).

Updated with this picture. As horrible as this picture is. It's light, but it's definitely thick and pink. The photo just doesn't do it justice.

I'm SERIOUSLY going to feel like a giant ass if it's lighter and/or negative tomorrow. Really. And I know it's an absolute possibility.


jenn said...

all right lady- we need pictures. I can't believe you don't carry a ziplock with all your pee sticks in it everywhere!!! ;o)

I am waiting with my breath held for the next one- what is 6:00 your time on the east coast- 9? I'll be checking in around then!

nancy said...

heh. No, I don't carry them around. But I should have. Okay, let me take a photo with my phone.

I am SUCH an idiot. You do know that, right?

(and 6pm MT = 8pm ET)

Kaci said...

Oh Nancy I hope this is it! I love your POAS obsession & can totally relate...I love to pee on sticks! Actually, I prefer cups, then droppers (like the $ store tests). Anyway - I'll be watching for your results! Good luck!!

Also I'm updating my blog because I realized it wasn't showing up - do you mind if I link to you? I'm one of your old webMD stalkers (nokitty00) :)

nancy said...

Go ahead Kaci! :)

Artblog said...

OK then Nancy, since you have a "problem" I'll not bombard you with "stop it you foolish, insane woman, stop peeing on sticks, you'll do your head in".

But in that case, a line up of all your mad peeings using a real camera will do the job better than a mobile phone.

Want to borrow mine? Its a nifty little machine with a macro jobbo that takes wicked close up pics!