Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The 3rd towel rack is down for the count.

My husband broke the ~third~ towel rack this morning. And of course, he did it in "tommy boy" style ... Put his towel somewhere else so when I put my towel on the rack, it crumpled down to the floor.

He uses the rack as a freaking handle when he dries his feet when he gets out of the shower. I'm so seriously annoyed.


JJ said...

O lordy--Mook has done the same thing--there are so many patches in our wall!

Jen said...

Your husband dries his feet off when he gets out of the shower? Mine just leaves wet footprints across the bathroom.

Bastet said...

Mine moves the towel that is meant for wet feet outside the shower. UGH! LOL

topcat said...

Nancy. I confess - that made me laugh. Sorry!!

Your post BELOW, however, is just freakin awesome. So repulsive, yet interesting. I love it.

And, re. the "sleeping through" .... Tiger was about two. It was like torture. And, he now comes up to us often, after a bad dream. And he just turned six.

Thanks for your comments recently, I'm just now returning to normal.
(Normal, HA), so I'm just catching up. xox

Morgan said...

My DF grabs the shower curtain rod when he is stepping out and ill be damn, everytime the thing falls to the ground. Guess who has to fix the shower curtains, one hook at a time.