Friday, December 14, 2007

yeah, yeah - 3 in a day, but I've got something to say.

Surgeon's office called.

I was expecting a call today, especially because I called her this morning to tell her I couldn't have surgery in the 2nd half of January because of having IUI#3. I told her it'd have to be before Jan 14th or the first half of February.

As she's introducing herself, I'm pulling out my calendar because I recognized the phone number. I'm barely listening to her as I focus in on the date she asks me about. "Monday the 17th?". I'm searching through January and about to say that there is no Monday the 17th in January and she continues "I know it's really short notice, but we had a cancellation and Dr Montross said you would like to get this done quickly".

Yes. I wanted it done quickly, but not 3 days quickly! Holy shit. Took me 6 weeks to get an appointment with the guy 5 days later, I'm scheduled for surgery.


This is unreal. Un fucking real.

It's perfect timing though. Next week, most everyone is out of the office and I was planning on working from home. Then, I'm heading up to Salida with the in laws on Saturday and there's nothing to do there but just hang out. This gives me 4 days to recuperate at home and a four day weekend after that. Plus, I'm on birth control pills so this will not interfere with any TTC business. And I'm end of year insurance and I'm max out of pocket and this surgery will be free. Another thing is we are on a month's break from Roller Derby and I'll need to take 8 weeks off from skating, so this will minimize my time out.

heh. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.


A said...

FINALLY!!! A round of good luck comes your way! I good as you can consider needing yet one more surgery. But seriously! Right before the end of the year? Hell yeah!

Good luck with the surgery!!

Kim said...

Wow, it sounds like this is totally working out! I'm glad you're getting it taken care of.

KatieM said...

Whoa, that is super fast....but apparently it fits in well...and yeah, you couldn't make all this shit up, lol

jenn said...

holy crap!!! I can't believe it's happening so wuickly- but it is great that it doesn't interfere with any ttc stuff & that it's free!!!

I hope the recovery is quick on this one too. take full advantage (hopefully you can!) of your days off & at home.

(and I promise I will get to my 7 random things- busy weekend around here for once!)