Thursday, December 27, 2007

Only a few days left.

My last birth control pill will be on New Year's Day. I'll start off the year with the very last of something. Strange.

I wish I could take my last one on new year's eve, so I can end the year with the last one and start it without one, but my HSS is on the 2nd and I can't chance having AF come early. Back in birth control days, I usually only took 2-3 days sans pill to get AF, so it'd be pushing it.

Hopefully I'll get AF by the 4th. That means IUI cycle #3 may only be a smidgen over a week away.

Please oh please oh please let my HSS be clear. Please oh please oh please let me get the okay to go ahead with treatments. No more scar tissue. No more surgery. Let 2008 be a lucky year for this 35 year old girl. Please? Since my uterus is closing up shop THIS YEAR, I'm starting to panic just a bit now.


Christy said...

I really hope that the HSS is clear!
Cheers to babies in 2008!!!

Good luck!


lots of luck that you will be able to have your iui super soon!

Kaci said...

I'll drink to that! :) Sure hoping 2008 is a lucky year with a clear HSS.