Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Snowed in.


Still at the in laws. Yipee. Most snow on Christmas since sometime in the late 1800s. Which means I am stuck. Well, I have been stuck. We're going to leave soon, as soon as the boys finish shoveling out the cars.

I'm out of panties. Thank goodness the hubby gave me a "private gift" after Christmas - some fancy lingerie from Victoria's Secret. Which means, of course, I'm wearing panties that shouldn't be panties at all. A string and some lace at the top don't constitute "panties", but I don't like to be pantiless in jeans, so again, I'm stuck.

Wish me luck we get out of here.

1 comment:

Searching said...

omg- the panty thing totally cracked me up! Thanks for teh giggle. :)