Monday, December 3, 2007

I just spent $880.47

On my lunch break, I started (and finished) Christmas shopping. Previous to today, I did have the PS3 I got the hubby already. Oh - and I had 2 movies for the kids, but other than that - Nada. And now it's already over.

I'm not completely done really. I still have to buy the following:
~ gift card for brother
~ material to make blanket for hubby's aunt
~ gift cards for: milkman, mailman, garbageman and paperboy
~ candy for stocking stuffers

In regards to all the presents I had to buy everyone, I'm done. And thank goodness, cause I'm just about flat ass broke.

Ugh. I don't even want to think about the wrapping I have ahead of me.


Morgan said...

I hear ya girl! Shopping and not to mention spending, is the worst part of this time a year! But when you see your girlies faces and their pretty blue eyes when they open their'll all be worth it!

Anonymous said...

WOW! What fun stuff did the girls get this year?? :-) Peyton is all about Thomas the Train, so that is where most of his gifts are the train table! Cha Ching!

=) Traci

nancy said...

Here is the girls' xmas lists:

Ella: doll pram stoller, doll changing table, play ironing board/iron, pattern puzzle, leapster "my first computer" video game (learning) system, dora coloring tray, elefun game, Ratatouille dvd.
Ella stocking: 2 games for her computer system, doodlepro stamp, glitter moon sand, panties, chapstick

Allie: doll pram stoller, doll swing, dishwashing set, pattern puzzle, vsmile baby video game (learning) system, dora coloring tray, hungry hungry hippos, jungle book dvd
Allie stocking: 2 games for her learning system, doodlepro stamp, glitter mood sand, panties, chapstick

Kim said...

I'm with ya on flat ass broke, and I'm not done yet!