Friday, December 7, 2007

The good news keeps pouring in ...

Met with RE this morning about my surgery. (pre-op).

First thing said was "oh no. Not more uterine surgery for you. I've already SEEN in there". He was funny and gave me a hug. Dr Dick is starting to get on my good side. Whattya know.

Secondly he looked at the scans done by the other RE and said "Fuck! It's kissing in there!". He said that about the webbing. Which made me laugh again. Anyone who uses the word "fuck" inappropriately is good in my book.

Thirdly he said he may put in another balloon. When I protested, he seemed to care and said we could do the heavy doses of estrogen instead. As he was writing, I said "actually, that's what we did with the surgery the OB did for me and my lining never responds too well to estrogen. So if you'd be relying on that instead of using something that will work better (balloon), it may not work." He sat there and thought for a moment. He said he would be relying on that and he's glad I told him (grrrr.) and that a balloon would be the smarter way to go.

I then asked him if he could tie the balloon up into a fun balloon animal. Maybe a poodle.

He turned to me and said "Is that a poodle between your legs or are you just happy to see me?"

Yes. He's ~that~ inappropriate. But I laughed because to ME, it was just fine that he said it.


jennifercarol said...

Hey when you're going in for your 4th surgery you need a little humor. Fuck being appropriate!

Morgan said...

Don't you just LOVE people like that? I love down to earth people :)

jenn said...

I say you ask for the giraffe balloon animal. just because.
I'm glad that you at least have someone who cares enough to be wonderfully inapropriate!

Ali said...

I love when doctors feel comfortable enough to joke around like that. I had a GREAT ob/gyn for my second pregnancy and it made all the difference.

A said...

I love your doc!!! That's hilarious!

My gyn asked me what me and Mr. W were using for protection (years ago). I told her we were pretty much crossing our fingers. Her response was, "You'd be better off crossing your legs." She was serious! :-O Hahahah!