Sunday, December 2, 2007

(updated, please revote!) Those with children, take my poll!

(updated - for those who voted, please vote again! It was pointed out how I had the list wrong and I missed quite a chunk of time! Ack. Please revote for me, please?)

I put up a poll over on the right side, down below the BlogHer ad. I've allowed the ability to give multiple answers, so please answer one time for each child you have.

I had to redo the poll since someone voted while I was writing it, so it wouldn't allow me to add in any more answer options. Sorry to whomever voted already!

My experience was ~so~ different with each child. Ella, my angel from the beginning, slept through the night at 11 weeks. And I'm not talking the technical definition of 6 hours. I'm talking 9pm-7am. She was exclusively breastfed, so this was quite a feat! (She could have even done it earlier, but you know how you have to ~wake~ a sleeping breastfed baby to eat for those first few months.)

This is actually why I chose to ttc again so quickly. Well, not entirely. Since it took so long to conceive Ella, I thought I'd get those BFN months behind me. But if on the slim chance I did conceive quickly, I was okay with it. (heh. Little did I know!)

Allison slept through the night starting on the night of her 2nd birthday. (I actually asked her to do it in her birthday card as a joke. Who knew that it would be all it took! I'd of asked over a year before!) In those first 2 years, she slept through maybe 4 times total - and those were random. She's wake up, on average, 3-10 times a night. We tried everything. Noise. Quiet. Chilly. Warm. Something with my scent. Footed jammies. No jammies. In between jammies. Swaddling. Feeding before bed. No feeding before bed. Different bedtimes. Cry it out. Sippy cups. You name it, we tried it. Our pediatrician said that it's just the personality of some babies. Hubby and I took turns waking up at first, but we would both be zombies. So we decided to switch nights completely. I'd wear earplugs since I would hear her on his night too, like any mother would. At least this way, every other night was a night of sleep for us.

This made me wonder what your experience was! Let me know! Please answer my poll and feel free to comment.


A said...

I'm assuming you mean "months" not weeks, in your poll... I answered 12-18 "weeks" but it means months..

B said...

ok I voted for my oldest 1st, who was over 2(which is why we waited till then to TTC #2). But now I can't vote for my younger 2 unless I want to change my original vote, I think.

Anyways, my middle dd was maybe 6 weeks(I swear they trained her in the NICU lol) and my youngest dd about the same(I'll take the credit for that hehe). Is it awful that I can't remember exactly?? BUT now that they are 2 & 3 they RARELY EVER sleep thru the night and my oldest who is 6 is a great sleeper! Go figure!

nancy said...

A - thank you for pointing out my error. Everyone who voted as to revote, but I fixed it!

nancy said...

b - I've allowed voters to be able to make multiple votes. You can vote multiple times without changing your original vote.

A said...

I know you know who I am, so I'll go ahead and say that I remember you going through those rough times with Allison. I'm glad they have gotten better for you. I remember when my son would only sleep for five hours a night (and not even 5 hours straight) and didn't take any naps. I was a complete zombie then! Let's hope when you have your next baby, s/he sleeps through like Ella did.

Anonymous said...

I put down 3-6 mo. I think Carter started sleeping thru the night at 5 mo. It wasn't till we started solids that he started sleeping thru the night. I remember he took to his crib right away and loved sleeping in the dark. Peyton on the other hand can tell as soon as you put him in his crib. His eyes pop right open when you lay him down. He also needs to sleep with a night light on. They aren't kidding when they say every baby is different. Lets hope that your next baby is a super sleeper.

Oh and thanks for the congrats.:)


Meredith said...

I am a lucky one. My oldest slept thru the night (8-8) at 10 weeks and my youngest at 12 weeks. At 5 weeks they both slept from 8-5 with me feeding them at 11. I was terrified of having mine so close because I thought I would never have 2 good sleepers. Think we will be lucky again if/when we have our third?

JustSarah said...

OMG! I'm glad I'm not the only one! ha-ha. My daughter turned two in August and started sleeping through the night two weeks after that. Other than when she's been sick (which has been A LOT) she's a good sleeper now.

But I kept thinking, "Is this ever going to end?"

It's one of the many reasons I have choose to postpone the conception of my second child. I need another years worth of sleep to catch up! *Now, if only my husband didn't work the graveyard shift...hrmmm My next project lol

Jewels said...

I'm voting on the time I remember going to bed at 10pm and waking up on my own, now it didnt happen like this every night, this vote is just the "First Time" he ever slept through the night, he was about 2 months old, Freaked me out, I thought he died or something, nope, he was just sleeping still, so I sat up and waited for him to wake up. He woke up about 7am.