Saturday, December 15, 2007

POAS advice.

Why do the majority of people always advice to "step away from the sticks!" when someone mentions wanting to poas?

I'm a poas addict. I want it to be like the commercial "know the moment it happens", so I use an obscene amount of hpts each cycle I ttc. Plus, I think Miss Hope is a fucking bitch, so I don't ever want her to get any satisfaction in building unnecessary hope in me. Once I start seeing the BFNs on 10dpo, a little hope goes out the door. Sure, it could still be early, but I know the possibility that it may be the honest answer. This way, I chip away at the hope each day, so when that definitive 14dpo BFN is staring me in the face, it's not a big surprise. Doing it this way also helps me combat symptom obsession, because from experience I know that I don't get symptoms until there the hcg is detectable in my body, so once I see the white stick, I'm off symptom watch. On the flip side, if I ever do get a BFP, I want to enjoy it as long as possible. It's like getting the best present in the entire world and not opening it until later. Hell no, I don't want to wait a week when I can already be enjoying it! :)

Now, if women don't want to poas early, that's fine and dandy! If someone doesn't agree with my way of testing, cool. It's totally a personal decision. Some women would rather NOT know. Some would rather hold onto hope and stay comfy right where they are. Some don't want to get a result, knowing a BFN could be inaccurate. Some women have a harder time emotionally dealing with early BFNs, because it puts them into ultra-obsession mode, whereas the opposite happens with me. Whatever their reasons, I respect their decision.

But that's not my question. I'm not questioning the ~why~ someone wants to wait or ~why~ someone like myself tests early. My question is ~why~ does the majority tell someone wanting to test to NOT test? What is the harm in testing if they want to test? I'm more apt to say "Do what you want - if you want to wait, wait. If you want to test now, know that if you aren't 14dpo, it could be an inaccurate result". Are the women who say "step away from the tests" just the type who wouldn't test early themselves for their own personal reasons? I'm thinking this has to be it, because I don't see why testing early would be bad - it's not going to change the end result in any way. I could see if you only were allowed to test ONE TIME each cycle, you wouldn't want to waste your test on an early test, because I know early does not equal most accurate. But hell, if you have multiple tests, test if you want to. Just know you'll have to test again.

Just a curiosity point. I think I'm just in the minority of wanting to end my possible dreams as early as possible. If most women do want to wait themselves, this would explain why most women advice other women to wait.

I've probably just answered my own question.


Geohde said...

It's a good question. I think that it's often said in response to someone who expresses a fair amount of anxiety/angst about testing in the first place, probably out of concern.

But I too pee early and often :)


chicklet said...

I always recommend against testing because I know for me, if I test early, there's going to be two problems. Most likely, it'll be negative, so I'll be sad - earlier than I needed to be. Second, I won't totally believe it and rather than just being in a nicer place of not knowing, now I'm in a was the stick accurate or not place which I find harder. So like you said, I recommend against cuz for me I know what it does to me so I assume it'd do the same to the ladies.

Still haven't POAS...

nancy said...

J - that's another thing I kinda thought about but then didn't consider. If they are already showing angst about it, they probably don't want to test to begin with. (and I'm SO sorry I didn't go to your blog in the most impt week EVER! I'm still kicking myself in the bootie).

Chicklet - Oh yes! I totally understand the WHY for you (even though I really really really wish you were like me and you ahd already peed on like 1,000 sticks :) ) but you confirmed my own answer - you simply advice others to do what you'd do yourself. (ugh. i'm dyin' here chicklet!!! But I do understand!)

hoping for a child said...

i've no idea what you are talking about in this blog...i've got to look up all the abbreviations but i'm too tired. I just wanted to say your purse is soooo much nicer than mine! wow. i can't find a picture of mine but is looks like it was made from a shiny red raincoat.

KatieM said...

I shamefully admit I used to be one of those girls. I always said it in a joking sort of manner, but I DID say it. Now however, I've turned into the POAS pusher, haha.

SaraS-P said...

I say it because both of my BFPs were preceded by BFNs (maybe early signs that they would not last???). I figure it is best to wait a bit and get a more or less definite answer.