Monday, December 17, 2007

Britney Spears and some misc dribble.

As I'm flipping through the Nov 15th copy of Rolling Stone, I see a picture of good ole brit, shaking her stuff her stuff shaking in her MTV Music award bikini. It's a little snipit article of her newest album. And although I have never ever owned nor even listened to a britney album, her car crash scene of a life makes me rubberneck. The album review mentions a line from one of her song "Get Naked", "Maybe I'm a freak, but I don't really give a damn. I'm as crazy as a motherfucker!"


Okay, so I know britney has grown up since her hit me one more time popdom, but dropping the "motherfucker" out in her songs now? Really? I don't really care if she sings it or not, but I just can't hear it in my head. Her? heh.

Underneath the britney review, there is a review for the backstreet boys. First of all, they are in their 30s, so "boys" is a little much, don't you think? Secondly, the review "they are more thoroughly bland and cheesy than ever" made me giggle. Again, I was never a fan. In fact, I probably couldn't name a backstreet boys' song if you put a gun to my head.

The hives new album, "the black and white album" got 4 stars. That's cool. And the dvd of the first season of "Flight of the Conchords" got 3 1/2 stars. I think they were robbed though - they deserve much more. Okay, a 1/2 more since the most is 4 stars.

Have you ever looked at the back pages of a rolling stone called "The Shop"? Funny stuff. Tshirts are actually always my favorite. Today's options are "Former Rockerstar" with a picture of a guy sitting at a desk pushing paperwork and another one with the word "stud" above a picture of a muffin. There is also plenty of things to buy for the person who has it all - Money clips, "Naked Papers AK47 Jumbo Blunt" rolling paper, psoriasis relief cream and Sin In Linen sheets (which are actually quite cool).

From the Vault, the top ten singles when I was 10 years old (1982) are as follows (and with the use of iTunes, a little commentary from me):
1. Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes "Up where We Belong" (once I heard it, I remembered it, but never liked it.)
2. Lionel Richie "Truly" (Same thing, once I heard it, I remembered it. Nice love song, although lionel richie wasn't my pick as a 10 year old kid.)
3. Olivia Newton John "Heart Attack" (I remember the chorus, but that's it. Horrible.)
4. Laura Branigan "Gloria" (Totally remember it. Could sing most of the words still too)
5. Neil Diamond "Heartlight" (Knew it, but my mother loved neil diamond. I blame her for my knowledge on this one)
6. Men at Work "Who Can it Be Now?" (Don't even need to look it up. Loved it then. Still love it. This was the very first record, yes record, I ever bought. Saved up my allowance and everything. I distinctly remember the walk home from the local k-mart, so proud of my purchase and bursting with excitment to play it)
7. John Cougar "Jack & Diane" (Who doesn't know this one?)
8. America "You Can Do Magic" (Once I heard it, remembered. Don't like it.)
9. Michael McDonald "I Keep Forgettin" (Don't remember it at all)
10. Diana Ross "Muscles" (Don't remember it at all)


Anonymous said...

Wow. Talk about a trip down memory lane. I would have been 8 years old then. I remember all but #3 & #5. Oh, and #4. Wow. I can't believe I liked that song. NO...I ~loved~ that song. I think my parents even bought it for me for x-mas. Yikes!

And #6...yep. That one still rocks.

livingoblivion said...

Heart Attack horrible? Surely you jest!

Rachel said...

I remember all of them w/o listening except #10. We're the same age. I was 10 in 1982, too.

nancy said...

yes. Heart Attack is horrible! But it's my dislike of the synthesizer (sp?) that I don't like. I can't get over that one :)

Wordgirl said...

I haven't looked at Rolling Stone in ages -- not since those days on Aurora St. in Boulder...god, sometimes I feel so ... old? I cringe to say it because we're NOT...but when I pick up music magazines it becomes glaringly clear that I've let the popular culture train pass me by....

"Who can that be knocking at my door..." WOW...I remember that one -- and sadly I still get all fuzzy about Jack & Diane...lame, lame, lame. :)

As a total aside: I so miss Colorado. You lucky duck.

Anonymous said...

I love the funny t-shirts too! I actually have the stud muffin one for my youngest! (a baby onesie)

jenn said...

I must rubberneck on britbrit as well- the girl is a beautiful train wreck!

the "former rockstar" tee-shirt sounds like a perfect anniversary gift for the hub!

#1, 4, 6, & 7 are all going round in my head now- I was only 3, but I thank my parents & VH1- especially for #6. rockin