Monday, December 24, 2007

I lied. I have a complaint.

The dog. The dog from hell. Charlie.

He's a problem dog. He was actually given up by his owners because they were about to have a baby and there would be no way they could have the dog around the baby. So what does my father in law do? He adopts the dog. He adopts the dog when his only son and wife were trying their hardest to conceive their very first grandchild.

Now they have a dog who has zero discipline. He'll eat anything within reach, nothing is off limits. If you turn your back, say you get up to get the salt and pepper, your plate will be cleaned of all it's food. And upon Father in law hearing/seeing this? We'll get chastised for not guarding our plate.

I don't know why the father in law is like this. I think he knows it was stupid to get this dog but can't admit to the mistake. So he ignores it's happening. I think they tried all the discipline classes at the beginning, but slowly gave up. Now it's a hear & see no evil type thing and he just dotes on the dog constantly.

I really dislike this dog. The dog acts like he's the king of the house, demanding through barking of what he would like help with - doors opened, treats, etc. And they (the inlaws) just do it. It's maddening.

Charlie is 10. How old do weimaraners live to? wink~wink.


Trisha said...

I basically have a cat like this. She is SO high mainteance. My Dh adopted her through an abuse animal network and brought her home. While the idea was nice, she has clear psychological problems. She has come a LONG way from not moving out from under the bed for 2years, to really loving my patient husband. But she insists on sleeping under his chin while he sleeps and attacking ME if i come near him. She sleeps in the middle of us and will NOT MOVE. Sometimes it takes my entire body to move her while she growls at me for trying to take over my OWN bed. She wont come out of the room at all..which means we have to keep a litter box and cat food in there....its a neverending saga. I am wondering the life spans of simease.......its been like 5 years of.......interesting.

jennifercarol said...

He's a big dog, so maybe he won't live too much longer.

If there is one thing I hate, its undisciplined dogs. Now our Cujo is spoiled, but he is well mannered. He rarely jumps on people, barks or licks. As a dog owner, I think that poor discipline is usually just laziness on the owners part because it is not easy as it takes a lot of work and constant reinforcement.

tammy said...

This sounds just like my in-law'a dog. He is obnoxious because they spoiled him rotten. He was their filler for DH leaving for college.

My dogs may get a bit rowdy but it is becasue they LOVE people and want to be petted... a lot.

To Trisha... I feel your pain. I had a siamese that loved only me. I tool him when I was single and didn't realize he was high maintenance until I moved in my DH. He would sit in the back of the house and just howl until I can in. He hated men, too. We ended up finding a home for him with a single older woman and it was the perfect fit. Have you thought about finding her a different home?

Swim said...

Sorry to say but weimaraners can live up to 15 - 16 years (and possibly longer if in good health). I am a dog owner and beleive there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Seems as though your in-laws have chosen to let Charlie be the pack leader and he is only doing what they allow.

Hopefully, he didn't ruin your visit.

nancy said...

Swim - Agree to some point. I do think that is the situation with ~most~ dogs (owners being the 'bad' ones) but there are some dogs who have something disagreable in their bloodline. Which, I guess, was originally caused by an owner, just not the orignal owner.

And he didn't ruin my visit. Just got on my nerves more than once :)

Searching said...

You should have him watch the Dog Whisperer, on National Geographic or Animal Planet. He has a good method and it actually works. It seems more like doggy psychology, but if it works and you don't have to beat the snot out of the animal, I say it's a good thing. Easy to try and hopefully your FIL can stick to it. If he's invested in both the dog and a grandbaby. Hang in there, sorry you had to endure that (and the comments!) during your visit.