Friday, September 26, 2008

7 ~more~ random things about me.

I've been tagged by both Sarah and Jewels.

It's the "seven random things" tag, so I will play and list mine, but I'm not going to go and tag anyone else cause I'm that much of a rebel. (heh. that was so cheesy.)

1. As Sarah mentioned about clean hands, I am like that with clean feet. I like to be barefoot, but after I come inside, I have to wash them. It's like I can almost feel the dirt. Ick.

2. Staying with the foot thing, women who don't exfoliate their heels totally gross me out. When I'm standing in a line and there is a woman in front of me with flip flops on, I will notice her heels. If they are covered with thick skin... puke. Seriously, I can actually gag a bit.

3. I used to play the violin in elementary school. For something like 3 years. I was in the advanced orchestra and had recitals all the time. Thing was, I couldn't play shit. In first year when we learned how to read music, something did not click in my head and I had no freaking idea. So for the remainder of the 3 years, I faked it. Yup, I got dressed up, my family came to watch and I wouldn't play a note of music. I would watch the person in front of my and follow along with their movements. My mom has all these keepsakes of mine from all the programs and I just recently told her I had no freaking clue how to play. Never did.

4. I don't like black shoes. Except black heels. I just think they don't look right on me. At all.

5. I can't stand not having my toenails painted. But I can't stand having my fingernails painted.

6. I have a heightened sense of road rage. I'll tell off anyone, anytime, anywhere. (Probably why one driver punched me in the face.)

7. I miss my old life (going to shows, being free, etc) like a lost love. I'm not saying I am not in love with my new life, because I am. But thinking about my old life makes me feel a bit heartbroken.


Sarah R said...

LOL about gross heels. I notice that too! A little bit of moisturizer goes a long way.

Also, I was laughing at my desk at work thinking about you playing the violin and faking it. Haha....

So, I edited #7 in my blog to clarify. :)

Anonymous said...

Feet freak me out in general. I just don't like to look at them at all.

Simply AnonyMom said...

My parents refused to let us play sports and forced us to play musical instruments. They had dreams of us being hte next partridge family I think. Anyway, I played the Violin for 3 years and the stand up Bass for 3 more and still to this day can not read a lick of music. i just stood there and tried to make it sound OK with the rest of the Orchestra.


Jewels said...

I'm with you on #5 and #7. I wouldnt want to go back, but I sure did have fun.