Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, Hello There!

I'm back and I'm huge.

belly talk here in italics. skip if you don't want to read!
... seriously, i'm huge. I updated my picture to the right to show you. And, because I only show every 2 weeks on the right, I updated my page with a new link. If you click on the stick figure, you'll get to a page which just shows the growth pattern of this pregnancy only. It's basically every two weeks, but sometimes a random week is in there when there is some growth to document. I swear - look at week 19 to week 20. WTF indeed.

The trip was fantastic. The day I landed, I helped my friend get ready and pack everything for the wedding. Then we headed up to Pine. The house she rented was insane. It was so nice! But only 3 bedrooms. The first night was cool, as her kids got one room, I got the other and the bride and groom got the master bedroom. The next day, the kids left and the entire wedding party got there. I still got a bedroom and everyone else called dibs on various areas of the house. The loft was very popular. I think there were 18 people all together, but really, the house was huge. And there was a huge 2nd loft over the garage complete with bathroom, so there were a lot there.

The wedding went without a hitch. We put it on ourselves, making an area in the pine trees in the backyard. Full wedding dress for the bride, bridesmaids (i was made of honor along with one other girl, Sam) and tuxedos for the boys. We went down the aisle to an ipod playing and our friend, an ordained minister, did the ceremony. It was beautiful. I cried. (The picture doesn't show the other bridesmaids - there were 4 total.)

On Sunday, we drove back down to Phoenix and my friend threw me a baby shower. It was awesome. I got lots of cute boy clothes and had the best freaking cake I've ever eaten. At the shower, my friend had everyone (even the boys!) paint baby bibs which all turned out really, really cool. It was a great idea.

Monday was a relaxation day and I did a little shopping. I also had the best lunch pretty much ever. We went to a place called The Fry House which everything was made on indian fry bread (tacos!) and then I had the melted butter and chocolate sauce dessert. Mmmm.

Yesterday was stressful as I missed my flight (first time in my life) by 3 minutes. I had to check in at 11:30 and I checked in at 11:33. Lame. So I hung out at the airport for 4 hours and had a shitty day. Homecoming was great though, as I had the classic kids yelling "mommy!" and running to me through the airport moment. I hope that each person reading this gets to have one of these moments. Truly.

I see my scheduled posts worked great! I have lots of responses and I have to go through and read them all. When I do, I'll answer any good points/questions in the comments themselves. But right now, I have to put my feet up. I'm swollen from all the traveling and need to get my fluids down. Fun fun.

I'm glad to be back and can't wait to read all those updates out there!


MrsSpock said...

You did pop out, didn't you? Maybe the wedding cake just agrees with him...

Kaci said...

Glad you had a fantastic trip. Missed flights suck! Seriously LOVE the belly!

Sarah R said...

OMFG!!! I can't believe the difference in just 2 weeks. Your belly seriously is like my 33 week pic. Wow! OMG, you're only halfway done. I love the belly though and seeing these pics makes me miss mine.

Glad you had a nice time at the wedding and your shower. I'm sure it's good to be back, though.

Morgan said...

Glad to have you back Nancy!! WOW look at that belly..cute cute!

Sara said...

Sounds like a really great trip!

Belly is looking good. Big, but good!!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Your belly definitely grew.. but you look different! You look so happy and refreshed! Soooo glad to see you looking so happy!

Take care of yourself, Glad you had such a great homecoming, I am sure the kids and the hubby missed you!

Geohde said...

You're looking great :)

Makes me want to exchange all my stretched out twin skin for a cute pregnant belly :)


Poltzie said...

THat belly came out for the wedding! Looks very cute.
I don't know if I will ever have kids yelling my name in the airport but The Hub travels a lot and I can't wait for him to have that experience!
I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend, now go rest :)

jenn said...

The belly looks awesome! I can't believe the difference in only a week!

Glad you had such a nice time- bummer about the flight though.
I can't wait for that day- although I lmost never fly anywhere- I may have to just to here the greeting!

Anonymous said...

Your belly is amazing, clearly Karl likes wedding cake! And it sounds like you had a fab trip :) nice to have you back though...

Amanda said...

I'm glad that your trip went so well...sorry about the missed flight, though. :-(

Your belly looks wonderful!!! I'd say you definitely popped out a bit more, though.