Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Weekend Update (and a discussion?)

Which isn't really an update at all.

Friday night I spent taking care of my friend's animals whose mother got into an accident and will most likely not make it. She left town in a hurry, leaving charge to her household to me until her brother in law could make it up. She's not a blogger or I'd link you to her, but if you could think some good wishes for the family, I'd appreciate it.

Saturday morning was kind of nice. Although I had to get up early to take care of the dogs and bird, being in a house with ~nothing~ to do is quite nice. I fed and walked dogs and then I kind of just sat around, flipping through tv. Terrible. I should have gotten back in my car early and made it back to my family, but heck, silence is just really, really nice.

Saturday around 1pm I made it back in town and put the kids to bed for nap and then I promptly fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours until they woke up. No idea why I slept. Maybe it was because my husband totally took care of the house, everything was in it's perfect place. So what could I do? Sleep. Ahhhh yes.

Saturday night was a wedding. 2 wedding in 2 weeks. I love weddings. I love watching the groom's face as the bride comes down the aisle. Ahhh, all that pure love. The kids did fairly well. I was freezing as I wore a knee length dress and sandals, but the kids had tights and sweaters on. The reception was indoors but they didn't turn on the heat. It couldn't have been more than 45-50 degrees. Gotta love colorado.

Now it's Sunday morning and I slept in. It was my day to get up, but hubby let me sleep. God bless that man. 9 months of sleeping until 8-830am will make up for the months of sleep deprivation I'll have from breastfeeding. Totally fair.

I'm not doing shit today. Except take care of kids, cook and do a little laundry. Other than that, I'm chillin'. This week will be the first full week since 2 straight weeks of 2 day workweeks. It's going to suck.

Oh, and in slight baby news, I'm ~finally~ feeling the kicks all the time. It really just started this weekend. Damn anterior placentas!! I'm lucky as all for even getting to feel anything at all, but a full month later than the other two babies.

And now for the discussion... My friend in phoenix, who threw me the baby shower, doesn't ever want children. Okay, totally cool with me. But she finds pregnant bellies "disgusting" (her words) and just doesn't understand why pregnant women rub their bellies.

While battling IF, this bugged the shit out of me too. Why must the bellies have to be rubbed? Well, I knew I did it too, as most pregnant women do, so I tried to explain. I gave some from-the-ass explanation as how it's bonding with the baby and I'm not rubbing my belly, I'm giving my love to my unborn. Sounded good at the time. But then I realized ... You know when you have a zit or such you just can't fucking leave alone? It's protruding from your body and it's not supposed to be there. It grabs your attention and you unconsciously touch it. Well, for me at least, I think being pregnant is much of the same thing. It just sticks out and like a zit, I can't ~not~ touch it.


Denise said...

Ahhh, gotta love a good zit analogy! I've been thinking about the belly rubbing lately. It just started with me once I started feeling the kicks. I think it is because it feels like there's an alien in there. Part of me is trying to soothe the alien. Part of me is simply trying to acknowledge the alien. If I feel the kick from the outside too, it somehow makes it more real, like I'm not imagining it. And the rest of me is trying soothe my own aches and pains as the belly grows. I wonder if my ass grew this quickly if I'd walk around rubbing my ass?

MrsSpock said...

I rubbed my belly, but it was not a constant thing. Usually when it was quiet at home and he started to kick and move around. It was kind of a "oh, hello- are you awake in there?" thing.

Jen said...

Even when trying to get pregnant, the whole concept of a pregnant belly and a moving baby seemed alien and strange to me. I wouldn't say I was disgusted by it, although my DH kind of was. But now that I have this big 'ol belly and busy baby I absolutely love it and Jeramy does too. I just love rubbing it and feeling the kicks. It also makes a good resting place for my hands, which is good because it's a ways down for them to reach my lap these days.

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

jenn said...

I am so sorry for your friend- the family will be in my thoughts.

What a perfect weekend! You have a great hubby there letting you sleep in on your 'off' day! As far as the belly- I have noticed I touch it every now & then- mainly when I am feeling nauseous as if to ask for some calm, also partly to reassure myself in a tangible way that there really ~is~ a baby in there. I can't wait until there are actual kicks to feel for reassurance.

MrsDrink said...

Sorry about your friend hun, that's awful. My thoughts go out to her.

I've blogged about this before, but it's ~because~ of IF that I even notice pregnant belly rubbing. If I didn't want kids or wasn't trying, I probably wouldn't notice it but since I want them SO badly, I feel like pregnant women ONLY rub their bellies around me, like they can sense I'm an IFer or something.

The Captain's Wife said...

LOVE the zit analogy!

I found out last week I have an anterior placenta. It is really bumming me out that at 20W I have not felt anything at all. (I thought that maybe I felt a little something around W17 but was gas.)
Since this is my first the Dr says I may not feel anything for another few weeks. Really sad.

Io said...

I am so sorry for your friend.
Don't pop your belly!

Mareike said...

I think you are onto something with the zit analogy. I'd also liken it to having a broken tooth. (you just can't keep your tongue from going there.) I even experienced the phenomenon with my bed. I had a friend's dog living with me for three months and early in his visit the dog chewed a huge chunk out of my mattress. The friend offered replace the mattress (a delicious memory foam) but I thought that was wasteful. At the same time, until I turned the mattress so that the hole was under my pillows instead of at my feet, I couldn't stop my feet from moving to feel the hole.

Sugar and Ice said...

Well, at least she's honest. Love the zit analogy :). I rub lotion on my belly...and I scratch my belly...but I am not a belly rubber. Now I'm feeling a little weird about my lack of rubbing...should I be??

Sarah R said...

I'm sorry about your friend--positive thoughts her way.

I miss my belly! I think when we're pregnant, it's so hard not to touch the belly. It's so firm and it really makes for a nice armrest. Also, Andrew was VERY active, so it was fun to push back on an arm or foot and see if he responded. Gosh, did I mention how much I miss that belly? :)

Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend. Goodness woman, I can't wait to see what your belly looks like as we get closer to 40 weeks! :O

Tara said...

Mostly I rub mine because it's itchy.

Jewels said...

I'm just wondering if I know your friend? :(
I'll be praying for your friends mom.

I just love pregnant bellies. I rub mine, I'd rub yours if you let me, I dream of rubbing it. I'm magneticlly drawn to bellies. Then again I had a boyfriend years ago who had quite the round belly, I loved rubbing it too.

I wonder if my head was bald if I'd end up rubing it alot? Hrmm...

Amanda said...

Your friend's family are in my thoughts.

Your zit analogy cracks me up(so does jewel's comment) Hahahaha! I've been thinking about the belly rubbing thing lately, and I just can't help it. My skin itches and hurts (no amount of lotion seems to really help), the babies cause some serious discomfort at times, and by God sometimes I just have to hold the damn thing up! Of coures I also can't seem to keep my hand away from it if the boys are especially active.

What a nice relaxing weekend!

JamieD said...

Ahhh - now that's an explaination I can understand! I am a picker myself. Well, I say picker but I mean once I KNOW something is there, I can't leave it alone.

Makes sense!