Monday, September 1, 2008

It's not a real week.

3 day weekends throw me off. They always have. This week is going to be "worse", but in a good way.

Tuesday will be my monday, but I'm going to try to schedule a pedicure sometime during the day. Then Wednesday will by my Tuesday and I have an OB appointment for the end of the afternoon, so it'll be a short day. To make it even better, Wednesday is also my Friday, as I fly out to Phoenix Thursday morning. By 10am Thursday, We'll have our rental and will be on our way to my best friend's house. Yay.

This will be my best friend's wedding weekend. We'll head up to Pine on Thursday afternoon and all the friends (the wedding party) is staying in a big house together. I think Thursday and Friday are friends only and then the family comes in for the wedding on Saturday. Sunday late morning I'll take off for Phoenix again, where I'll be staying with another friend of mine. Then Sunday evening is a little baby shower for me. Then Monday my hubby flies back and I stay another day just to hang out with my friend. I'll be back in town Tuesday.

This week should fly by and I couldn't be more excited.


Io said...

The long weekend went by too quickly, but yes - now I can look forward to a short week! Not as short as your though. That sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

Have a great time at the wedding and the shower. I hope you dont get too worn out from all that excitement. Sounds like you will be ready for lots of R&R when you get back from your trip. Have a great week!

Topcat said...

Nancy, have a bloody awesome time!! Great to hear all of your news. MWAH!!

ps I am jealous of your belly.


jenn said...

Ooh! I am jealous of your short week! Have a blast in Phoenix & enjoy your little shower!

Anonymous said...

Wow, lucky you! Sounds like a divine week... Have a blast at the wedding :)