Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ahhhh. There's nothing better

than a 3 day weekend.

I sit here with a tummy full of good (read: junk) food. I was even able to quash my need for a little shopping with the delivery of an unexpected incoming check.

The day started off a little shaky though ...

My lovely daughter got up at 6:40am. We have a rule which states no children up before 7am, but of course, children do not heed this. She was at my bedside as I explained the little hand was ~not~ on the 7 yet and she must wait until the big hand gets all the way to the top. After a few tears, back to bed she went. But by this time, I was wide awake. Awesome. I laid there for 15 more minutes and got up. (seriously. I can't tell you how much I miss sleeping. I miss it so much. So very much.)

Both children were up as soon as the big hand hit 12, so I spent the morning shushing them (to let daddy sleep) which I had to do, oh, 18,000 times. Daddy got up at 9am and thanked them for being so quiet. (um, hey, buddy? Thank ME for that one. It's something he is definitely not good at. I rarely get a quiet house on my day to sleep. But this is a whole 'nother post.)

Daddy was out of the house by 10am to make it to the Air Force football game (vs Southern Utah. It's 37-7 right now. Ouch.) and I decided to get up and take the kids on an excursion, anything to entertain them. Ahhh. The mall. As I get ready, the kids get into some horrendous fight and I told them because they took my happiness away, I'm taking their happiness away(Who gave me this idea? Someone out in blogland did.) and we were ~not~ going to go to the playground at the mall now. Tears were shed but they straightened up.

And here is where my day changed for the better ...

I did have to get my dress at the dry cleaners though, so we did venture out. As I was leaving, I passed the mailman who delivered a sweet little check, all for me. Ah-ha. Shopping! So dry cleaners and off to the mall we go. I made perfect time, made all lights and got an awesome parking space. Got into the mall and fed the kids first (mcdonald's happy meal for them and a taco for me) then went for two stops.

One, was old navy. I need some freaking maternity long sleeve tees. I still like to wear form fitting clothes and my long sleeved tees are just too short, not making it over the hump of my belly. I get to the maternity section and apparently, Old Navy thinks we're all still summer shopping. Damn. As I turn to leave, there it is. The PERFECT freaking long sleeved tees. I bought one in each color. I make it to the front, no one in line. I start to pay and check to see if I have any gift certificates in my purse and I find $60 worth. And she takes them all. Sweet.

Second was Victoria's secret. I wanted some cute little nighties that hid the bump a bit and some that showed it off. I found the perfect sets AND they were on sale. Amazing.

As we were leaving, I ran into one of my very favorite derby girls from my team. Yay!

The ride home was uneventful. There was a freeway sign of "accident ahead" but never passed one. The girls asked to listen to the white stripes and we all sang "little ghost" at the top of our lungs. No one fell asleep (disaster if they do) and both went right to bed when we got in.

So. Here I sit. Full, happy and content. The little man is giving me a few kicks to tell he's also pleased with today.

Hrm. How long is this going to last?


Sara said...

Sounds like a great day. Seriously, a great day. I want a great day. Maybe I have one coming soon?

Oh, by the way - make sure you tell whoever sent you that check that they can send me one too. :)

Io said...

Sounds like a most excellent day - I hope the rest of your weekend is as good.

Jen said...


It sounds like you had a nice day.

I want to tell you thank you for watching the game. I wasn't sure when the tribute would be on. But I saw it, I think they did a very nice job too. I liked how they told the whole world we had been TTC for a year. O-well. I also liked how they said that our baby will have tons of uncles. That's when I started to bawl. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the last few weeks and for watching the game while rooting for YSU!! (We hate OSU as well)

Thanks again!


Sarah R said...

Sounds like a perfect Saturday. :)

I live for these 3 day weekends.

We played in the kiddie pool a little bit this afternoon, Andrew took a nice nap at 5, and I decided to get an hour nap in myself!

BTW, I love your "big hand to the seven" rule. :)

tobacco brunette said...

Nice day!

Little Ghost is one of OUR favorite songs to sing in the car at the top of our lungs and, ummm, we don't have kids to spur it on.

chicklet said...

You have cool kids - they listen to White Stripes. That's wicked.

Amanda said...

What a wonderful day!

Think I could teach my cat to keep quiet until the little hand is on the 7 and the big hand is at the top? Haha!

Geohde said...

You're a bit like me when it comes to clothes- if I find something I like, I buy it in every colour I can bet my paws on :)


jenn said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me!
I also like your big hand on the 7 rule, but it sucks that you don't get the quiet house on your mornings!
Yay for perfect maternity wear- I actually spent the evening at the mall on friday- wandering through maternity sections & stores. Not buying anything yet, but I am considering some belly bands soon.

JamieD said...

Wow - that ~was~ a great day! You beat mine by miles!

Anonymous said...

Way cool that you got what you wanted and for such a cool price - there is truly nothing better!!! Um, unless it is your baby boy kicking to say he enjoyed his day too ;)

Shea said...

I had the same thing happen to me when I went to Old Navy two weeks ago. I had the bag that you get 20% off anything you can stuff in it. Was all prepared to get a head start on the fall shopping but nada! I actually threw the bag in the trash on the way out!

Glad you got some good finds!