Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Okay, I'll do a meme.

I got tagged my the lovely Lilith. So I guess I'll go ahead and do it, even though this is my second posting of the day.

Here is my list of 6 (yes, ~only~ 6) of my quirks:

1. I absolutely ~abhor~ loud eating. But guess what? My best friend Ryan recently pointed out that I am a loud eater. And, gasp!, I am! OMG. This is terrible. I give so much shit to other people about it and there I am, smacking away. I promise I will break myself of this.

2. I am over the top ticklish. I'm so ticklish that I can't even scratch the bottom of my big toe. I actually can tickle myself.

3. I have a fascination with boobs. Since I got my own boob job, I'm even fascinated with my own. I think I am part male.

4. I eat salt. Like I eat it plain. Mmmm. My friends know this and think I'm insane. For a graduation gift, I got a salt block - like the own they make for cattle. Moooo.

5. I hate it when people have songs as their cell phone ring. Yet I have a song as my cell phone ring. Yes, I know I'm quite the hypocrite.

6. I can't stand to have dirty feet, yet I like to go barefoot. As soon as I'm in the house, I have to wash my feet before I can sit down and relax.

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But guess what? I'm a big rule breaker! So I'll go ahead and do 1-3, but that's it.


Amy said...

Ha I totally relate to 1-3. I absolutely abhor any sound coming from someone's mouth when they eat. Though I myself am not a loud eater. I too am insanely ticklish. I am also obsessed with boobs. Don't understand it just am.

nancy said...

Yeah, up until last week, I would of said I wasn't a loud eater either! It's been a horrible, horrible revelation!

Sara said...

same for me, 1 and 3. you're too funny Nancy!
I was able to find your blog again recently and have been reading for a while. I was on webmd with you waaaaay back, we were pregnant at the same time (me with Cameron, you with Ella).

Io said...

Oh man, when I was a kid I took an entire container of powdered salt and would pour some into my hand and eat it every night.
I love salt.

KatieM said...

I used to eat salt plain like that, except for me it was a CF thing. Although I don't put salt on my food anymore I will sometimes get an irrational craving for pretzels and just lick the salt off of them.....

MrsDrink said...

haha, yep...already knew about 3 and 4.

I've never had any girl say "Wow, you have really nice boobs!" and then continue to freak my husband out by eating straight salt. But it was an awesome time and that's why I love ya! hehe

MrsSpock said...

Now I love salty foods, but straight salt...bleh. I admit when it comes to soup and cereal with milk, I slurp it loudly. It drives my family batshit crazy.

chicklet said...

Lol, you're such a freak! If only you also had an addiction to Home Depot - then you'd REALLY be a true true freak;-)

Tara said...

I HATE HATE HATE loud eaters. So much that it makes me crazy-insane. I have had so many mealtime arguements and ruined dinners because of it!

Morgan said...

the salt thing made me laugh..and im the SAME way about feet! i thought i was the only one. just out of curiousity, what is your song on your cell?

nancy said...

My cell ring is "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" by Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Morgan said...

Seriously?? Definately not the song I pictured you having, not even that type of music! theres gotta be a story behind it haha! I thought you would have something more along the lines of some sort of rock, soft rock, punk..or 'something' along those lines- but def. not an ODB song

nancy said...

Oh - there's a big inside joke about it.