Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pet peeve?

Everyone has them.

So please, share with my blogworld, what are your TOP 3 pet peeves???


nancy said...

Mine are ...

1. Anyone using a nail clipper in a public place. Your cube at work is NOT appropriate!!! Ick.

2. Loud eating. Shut your trap when you chew. Sick.

3. Socks. I have many a sock issue and to start explaining them all? heh. So we'll just leave it to be "socks".

Simply AnonyMom said...

1- Loud cell phone talking.
2- Body odor. It doesn't matter if it is too much perfume or bad breath or just funk, if I can smell it, YOU should be able to smell yourself.
3- Dirty/grimey fingernails. Especially if it is like that and the person is not a mechanic nor do they work with grease. (I almost puked a little thinking about it)

Anonymous said...

1) Tailgaters - people who follow to close when driving, not the lovable drinkers who offer me a beer on game day

2) Women who use their cell phones in the bathroom stall. Dude, your friend can hear me PEEING.

3) People who block an entire aisle at the grocery store with their cart and their wandering children.

And 6 or so months ago at church, a guy proceeded to clip all of his fingernails. It went on for a good 5 minutes. Seriously. At church.

Jill said...

I second the loud eating. EW!

People who argue ALL THE TIME (especially when they have no respect for athority)

People with no sense of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

My old nasty, disgusting, slimy, stinky boss used to clip his nails at staff meetings. It used to make me gag. I called HR, and shortly after that, i was let go. Assholes.
As for my pet peeves: 1. not responding when someone is speaking to you. 2. not returning phone calls. 3. people who talk, just to hear themselves talk

Motel Manager said...

1. Cutting in line. Normally, I am afraid of confrontation, but I will confront anyone who cuts in line. God, it kills me.

2. Women who pee on the toilet seat. Clean up your own goddamned pee if you have to do this. Some of us have bad knees and have to sit.

3. Everyone being on the cell phone ALL THE TIME and EVERYWHERE. Look, I'm not particularly good at living in the moment, but things are getting ridiculous. Why can't anyone walk their dog or buy a cup of coffee or, like, take ten steps without being on the phone?

I am also with you on the loud eating, but I've decided this is my problem, and that life would be better if I didn't care. So far, it still kills me, however. Bleah, bleah, bleah!

The Captain's Wife said...

PP in order of biggest annoyance!

#1 People that don't use blinkers! People, blinkers are not an optional purchase on your car!

#2 Cell phone use in public (not like a park or anything, I mean like in a restaurant)

#3 last minute cancellations. My time is precious and when you bag on me last minute it really gets me!

BethH6703 said...

Ahhhhhhhh, Pet Peeves!

1) Cell phones in public bathrooms. If there is EVER a time to disconnect, damnit, this should be it! (And no, I'm ot talking passing the time while texting or playing a game... I'm talking realy conversations!)

2) Cell phones in restaurants. For God's sake, turn it off and enjoy your meal! Or at least let me enjoy mine!

3) People who stop a RL conversation to take a call on their cell. And not an urgent call, but just 20 minutes of generalized bullshit (which you can hear, because they STAND IN FRONT OF YOU TALKING!).

Umm, I think I have an issue with cell phones, huh?

Miss Tori said...

Alison, we must go to the same church! What's funny is that the guy who used to do this recently was arrested for holding up a bank! Sweet.

1. Phrases that people overuse such as "in my opinion," "to be totally honest with you" (no I want you to lie to me), and "quite frankly," just to name a few.

2. I know this can be a regional thing, but use of the word "youse" or "yous." It's you! Not yous. Ugh.

3. Forwards. I don't mine a joke forwarded to me, but please remove everyone else's email addresses. I don't want to scroll through everyone who was ever sent the email.

calliope said...

1) not using a turn signal
2) singing along with a song out of sync (my mother does this thing where as soon as she recognizes a song she begins to sing the chorus- drives me nuts!)
3) chewing gum on tv

JamieD said...

Pet peeves - I didn't think I had that many, now I seem to have trouble narrowing them down to three.

1. Not just cell phone talking in public, but people to wear their cell phone attachment in their ear ALL THE TIME. Like they have to be perpetually prepared to take a call at a moment's notice.

2. Inappropriate use of the apostrophe. S = plural, 'S = possession.

3. People who let their children run around hospitals barefoot. First - we drop things just like anyone else. You never know where you might find a pointy object. Second - there is a reason you see the staff wearing gloves, gowns and face shields then washing our hands with alcohol soap until they are chaffed and bleeding. There are days I come home and won't wear my shoes to walk into the house.

MrsSpock said...

1) Guys on those crotch-rocket motorcycles that zip in and out of traffic at 90-100 mph. NO regard for the safety of others- or themselves.

2) People who talk on cell-phones while driving. Mine is OFF when I drive, so no temptation. Ask me about the mother of 8 we lost in the ICU who I'm sure would gladly have hung up the phone if it meant living to raise her children...

3) People who scream at their kids in public. If that's what they do in public- just what do they feel comfortable doing in private?

Morgan said...

1. People who pull off a street in front of you and never seem to speed up and they cause you to slow down drastically. WAIT people. Wait your turn.

2. People who blow their nose in a restraunt. Fucking gross. Go to the bathroom and blow away!

3. When you are standing in line somewhere, like a grocery store for example, and the person in front on you had the WHOLE time their items were being scanned to start filling out their check but they wait to hear their total. They could AT LEAST go ahead and sign their name and put the date and place. but nah. Debit/Credit cards should be mandatory these days!!

4. This makes #4 but I'm on a roll here...plus I just thought of this one but I hate when you go to a restraunt to eat and your ass barely hits the seat and the waitor goes.."are you ready to order?" Umm hell no I just sat the hell down. Or when they see you still reading the menu and then they still come over and ask. Yeah they just want us in and out quick so they get more tips..so I just take my time, little suckers.

Starr Morgan said...

Like many others, it bothers me when people talk on their phone EVERYWHERE but it bothers me even more when they are oblivious to their surroundings while on their phone. Especially in an aisle or somewhere that it is difficult to get around the person.

#2- it really drives me crazy that I get a ticket if I go 2 miles over the speed limit but my husband speeds all the time and NEVER gets a ticket.

#3- when a two lane road is going down to one lane due to construction and people whiz past everyone to try to squeeze in at the very front. Wait your turn like everyone else! It just creates more of a bottle neck effect and makes us all wait even longer!

Agata said...

1. People who can't distinguish between "their" and "there"; "your" and "you're"; "loose" and "lose"... So annoying...

2. People who are attached to their cellphones constantly. I don't want to hear all about "Cindy's boyfriend cheating on her" when I am picking up my prescription at the pharmacy. I also hate the people who answer their cellphones while at the movies or at an actual live theater performance. In fact, I just hate cell phones and their addicted owners. I don't see the need to always be on it. I'd rather enjoy my real-life conversations.

3. People who find negativity in everything. Even if something good happens to you, they will find a way to point out the negative. I can't stand that.

Mrslady1975 said...

1. People who don't use thier turn signals. Seriously, they were put on the car for a reason.

2. People who stand so close to you in a line (grocery store, dry cleaners, bank, ect.) that you can feel their body heat and smell them. Oh yea, and they are strangers to you.

3. People with bad table manners. And they let their kids have bad table manners. Talk about a quick way to ruin my meal.

Trace said...

1. Cell phones! In the car! In the store! In front of me in the checkout line!
2. People who drive up the shoulder of the road to get ahead of those who are stuck waiting.
3. People who talk on the cell phone as they walk their dog. Come on, the dog has been cooped all day while you're at work. You can't pay attention to this animal who loves you and thinks you're da bomb for a 1/2 hour?

Morgan said...

i think blogger ate all of my pet peeves i wrote you...so theres another pet peeve

elephantscanremember said...

1. People who pop their gum with every chomp, or blow annoyingly loud bubbles

2. Inconsiderate drivers

3. People waiting in line for awhile, then STILL not knowing what they want to order when it's their turn because they were too busy flapping their traps while waiting!

Amanda said...

1. People who drive with an arm hanging out of the car window.

2. People who use NO puctuation when writing/typing a letter.

3. People with children/pets they have no intention of taking care of.

Sara said...

1. I am with you on the nail clipping. Has always been a pet peeve of mine. My hubby clips them in bed. Seriously,I hate a big toenail going up my ass.

2. Being ignored. If I spoke to you, please have the common courtesy to speak back. Even if it is just to tell me to be quiet. Just acknowledge that some sound came out of my mouth.

3. Wet floors in the bathroom. Dry your feet off before you get out of the shower. Please.

MrsDrink said...

1-Stupid, rude ass drivers.
2-People who complain at coffee shops; if you're going to waste your time complaining, make your OWN damn coffee at home!
3-Slow walkers. Seriously, people who stroll through stores right smack in the middle of the aisle and will NOT move to the side no matter what, just to be annoying.

Can you tell I have no patience? LOL

Jewels said...

1. Not changing the roll on the toilet paper when it's out.

2. Never putting dishes away where they belong

3. People who say "Sorry" for every little thing they do. For one - Its not a big deal, nothing to be sorry about - For Two - If your truely sorry, why do you keep doing it?

Sarah R said...

1. People who apply make-up, prescription cream, or some other substance and then don't wash their hands. Our old receptionist was putting something on a cold sore and then wasn't going to wash her hands before touching the phone/computer! I told her, "Um, go wash your hands--that's just gross!" I am a handwashing FREAK.

2. People who wear super stinky perfume and are oblivious to the fact that they reek! I get headaches from it.

3. When people walk into my house and they don't take off their shoes! Just because I have wood floors and ceramic tile doesn't mean my floors are dirt-proof!

Christina said...

1. People that don't wash their hands after the restroom, at work. I can see your shoes, I know who you are!

2. People who smoke and then preach healthy eating. I know peole that smoke all the time and then try to question me when I eat fried foods, please.

3. People that wait till the last call to board a flight. I saw so many people that waited to the very last second to board their flight and hold everyone up! Hello, if we're all on board early we can leave early!

Denise said...

1. People who try to get on the elevator without letting you out first. I ALWAYS say something, can't help myself.

2. When you are talking to someone and they pretend they are listening, but they are either reading their blackberry or start typing away at their computer. I especially hate this in a work setting.

3. Drivers or pedestrians who have the right of way, but "wave" you to go first. Not sure why this bugs me so much.

Amanda said...

1. Noisy eaters. Shut your damn mouth while you're eating. Ugh!

2. I have nothing against people that don't know much about computers, but don't ask me a hundred times how to do the same damn thing! Either remember what I've told you, write it down, or ask someone else.

3. It drives me crazy when someone won't tell you what they want for dinner or they say it doesn't matter(I'm not just referring to Mr. W), but when you cook or purchase something they don't want that.

Krista said...

1. Improperly fitting bras. Ladies, you should only have 2 boobs - not 4! They DO come in cup sizes larger than DD or DDD. I swear.

2. Too much cologne/perfume. If I can tell someone was in a room after they've gone, its too much.

3. People who don't return phone calls / emails in a timely fashion. You can drop a quick line or leave a quick voicemail after hours to at least confirm receipt of the message and that you'll get back to the person and when. It is not that hard!

Not in the Water said...

1) People who never return emails or phone calls. Especially when it's family!!

2) People who pluralize words with an apostrophe. Like pea's and carrot's

3) People who ditch their kids at practices like it's daycare and are habitually late for pickup at the end of practice. (Practice ends at 7 and at 7:15 still waiting for parents!!)

4) SIL

Kirsten said...

I'm late on this but have to get it out!!
1. Driving slow in the fast lane
2. People who don't put things back where they found them or in the condition they found them
3. Gum-popping, especially the really fast, really loud million-bubbles-in-a-row pop

Also...I hate to say this because my mom still does it...but...people who write checks at the grocery store!!! Get a debit card!!!! Oh, and people who want a price check on 10 items in their cart and then decide not to buy any of it. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

My biggest one is when people use the wrong spelling of a word like "wear are you?". I always notice them and I hate it!

I also hate when people mean to say or spell "granted" and it's "grant it" or "granite".

KimboSue said...

So I'm a little late too...

1. People who drive with their blinkers on. DRIVES ME NUTS! If I am driving behind one (of course usually on a 2 lane 500 mile long country road) I will literally put my hand in front of my face to "cover it up" and not see it!
2. People who misuse "loose" and "lose"; "their" and "there"; "your" and "you're.
3. Chicks who pee ALL over the seat. I understand a hovering dribble, but SERIOUSLY! All over the seat? What are you doing? Standing up and swinging it around? And at work? ICK!

BethH6703 said...

"Mwahahaha" says your opinion nemesis!

Have a great weekend in Phoenix!

Anonymous said...

1. slow drivers

2. stupid people

3. gas prices

Anonymous said...

1. Liars
2. People who are always late
3. condesending people

Anonymous said...


1. People who hang up the call without saying "sorry wrong number" or something like that when it is the wrong number - it's called courtesty people!!!

2. Washing the dishes in the sink all together - there is a SYSTEM : glasses first, cutlery next then crockery and pots and pans in FRESH HOT SOAPY water... Ug, I cannot handle it when the dishes get mixed up in the sink

3. Loud eating - GROSS!!! SUCH A TURN OFF....

Artblog said...

1) Fools
2) Idiots
3) Imbeciles

(I'm having a bad day, don't ask!)

dianam17 said...

1. people who drive sports cars- and go 2mph on the high way. whats the point?

2. when my food touches- it grosses me out so much that my mom brought me a divider plate when i was 29 lol. BUT the only food that can touch is when i make meatloaf w/ potatoes and veggies. then i like to mix it up.

3. people who act helpless but say they are strong. this gets on my last nerve... whether you are strong OR helpless etc just say what you are. no use pretending!

diana (webmd)

Jess said...

(1) When people use "I's" instead of "my"...example: "This is John and I's first date"

(2) When people who are waiting to get ON the subway do not allow me to first GET OFF the subway. Come on people!!! Common courtesy!!

(3) Bad smelling people in general, particularly when they sit next to a pregnant me (who has a supersonic nose these days)

tammy said...

Hmmm... Let me think... only 3?

1. Just becasue they make it in a size 32 doesn't mean your size 32 butt should be wearing it. Or just 'big' people not wearing properly fitted clothing. They make us all look bad. And please, please, please shower if you have a body odor issue. Not all 'big' people smell but one wiff and people think we all do.

2. Chewing with the mouth open. especially if I can see the food... OMG, so frickin' gross! If you need to chew like a cow to get the food down, you need to take smaller bites.

3. Load cell phone use in public lines and resturant tables. (If you MUST talk, text the person.) I don't want to be in line anywhere and hear the entire conversation. I couldn't care less that your brother's cousin's sister's uncle's cat has ear mites. And I LOVE the signs I see up in stores, resturants, banks, etc. stating they will not serve/help you until you hang up your phone. My pharmacy will not even give you your prescription through the drive thru if they think you are on your cell phone. Go Walgreens!

Oh... and the runner up is having fake nails so long that it is impossible to run the cash register.

Lisa said...

1. People who think they are more important than everybody else. For example people who park in handicap spots or right by the door of a store because they are "just running in".

2. People who don't say thank you when you do something nice, like keeping a door open for someone else.

3. People who drive in the passing lane after they have passed people and can move other to the non-passing lane.

Laurel said...

1. People at Christmas. I LOVE Christmas but I hate the people. I will do whatever I can to not have to go to the mall because people are so freaking rude. It's the season for giving, does that mean you have to give up common courtesy? Pisses me off.

2. Interrupters. I like nancy sometimes am guilty of doing my pet peeve but my family is horrible about not letting you finish a sentance. If you ask me a question....let me finish my sentance!

3. People who use Wall ahh instead of Viola. This one seems small but it freaking bugs the hell out of me! My DH does it just to piss me off and I hear people on TV do it all the time. We aren't french but that doesn't mean we can just make up words that sound like other words and keep the same meaning.

Knucks said...

1. People who leave their shopping carts anywhere but the cart returns or in the store lobby where they belong. I have several shopping center pet peeves. . . like men spitting their tobacco wads bigger than my fists out in the parking lots for me & my little kids to accidently step all over. Litering. . . the list goes on.

2. People who talk on cell phones all the time. . . or who have to take every single flipping call. Or texting while you're trying to talk to me/others. . . it's like whispering to me; it's rude.

3. Married women/men who try to justify cheating.

Jennifer said...

I'm a little late, but here are mine.

1. People who open their car door to spit on the ground. Disgusting!

2. People who stand right next to me and light up a cigarette. Why right next to me?!

3. Waiting on someone ~forever~ filling out a check to pay for groceries.

Glennformer said...

Not my biggest one but the one that is appropriate is missing the Pet Peeve train when it comes to town, so I only have an audience of 1 to hear my pet peeves. Otherwise, you folks covered most of mine.

Wait! Here are two that weren't covered--so many people get these wrong and I wonder whether they actually get the concepts and, if not, it explains a lot.

1) People say "he's innocent until proven guilty". No, he either did the accused thing or he didn't, so he IS guilty or IS innocent, which is separate from the government taking a position of PRESUMING innocence until guilt is proven according to the rules.

2) I hear parents, all the time, saying to their kids "promise me you didn't do that". How can you NOT get that promising can only be about a future action. If they don't want to say "swear" they should pick a word that is synonymous. Did it start off as asking "Do you promise to tell me the truth?" and then, getting a "yes", asking "Did you do that?". How lazy do you have to be to let that devolve into a nonsense string of words? I get that we can create any meaning for any set of words but it sure makes it more challenging to communicate when basic word meanings aren't retained.

Kaci said...

I'm oh so late but why not?

1. People who leave their buggies all over the parking lot. I've actually had people push their buggy behind my car while I was standing there! Dumbasses.

2. People who call me & then when they don't recognize my voice say "who is this?" - Hello! You called me!

3. People at the pharmacy who want to touch my kids. Ok, really people anywhere, but if you're at the pharmacy I would assume someone is sick and I definitely don't want you touching them then!