Thursday, March 6, 2008

2nd injection

I realized my time was due for injection #2 while I was in the middle of reducing a sauce for dinner. I think I got this one finished in 12 seconds - the sauce didn't even stop spinning from my last stir.

I'm a fucking rock star.


Io said...

Of the corned beef variety? :) You *are* a rock star.

Denise said...


I remember the itchiness. Sometimes it would itch and other times it would be fine. Sometimes I didn't feel the stick and other times it hurt a bit. It was very hit or miss.

Mmm, sauce...

chicklet said...

You ARE a fucking rockstar! But yea, they're not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I just found the first one the worst, mentally. The poke, nothing, mentally, woah.

The Town Criers said...

You are a rock star, babe!

Torilou72 said...

You are too funny!

Hey, I got the call from Aetna's specialty pharmacy. They'll deliver 4/2 (they wanted to deliver today, but I told them to wait). OMG! The total cost was $4,155.60 if I didn't have insurance. My copays equal $110. Thank God for insurance!


nancy said...

Woohoo Tori! Getting your drugs for so cheap! Yay!

Not many people have this luxury - be sure to be humble about our luck whenever you mention it. I remember being SO PISSED at women in our position back when I didn't have it myself, when they didn't mention how lucky they were. It felt to me like they were bragging. Of course that's not what any of them were doing, but it's how I felt.

I was surprised in my shipment - I had something like 15 different Rxs in there.

Torilou71 said...

Yeah, it's 6 different drugs, lurpon, repronex, follistim, novarel, endometrin, and estrodial.

I do feel very humble. I know that if we didn't have the insurance, we wouldn't be able to do this. And the only reason we have this insurance is that my company was bought by a huge brokerage firm with this great insurance. I only had diagnostic coverage before, no coverage at all for treatment.

Believe you me, I'm very greatful!

Hey, did you see my WebMD post about the FDA inspection?

nancy said...

Tori, I know you ~are~ humble - I saw how you posted it on webmd. Just said it here so many of the bloggers would know it too.

Let's see - me list of meds w/ copay was:
Famotidine (pepcid) - $1.80
Metoclopramide (reglan) - $0.30
(3) Follistim 600 - $40
(1) Follistim 300 - $40
Methylpredmisolone (medrol) - $4.77
Hydrocodone - $2.91
Doxycycline - $6.35
Hcg - $10
Lupron - $10
Tetracycline - $1.20
Transderm scope - $8.11
Estradiol - $8.05
Menopur - $40
Endometrin - $40

So 13 meds. Would have been $4,049 without, $214 with.

I totally saw your post about the FDA in there. Did they actually TALK to the patients??

Anonymous said...

As Pink would say, "Let's get this party started!"

Torilou71 said...

When I heard who she was, being the talkative person I am, told her that I was glad she was there (as she was sitting one row in front of me), that it was reassuring that fertility clinics are inspected.

That's when I asked her about that book. We only talked for a minute or so until the nurse was available to show her around.

SaraS-P said...

I think injections should be preceded with, "Are you ready to rock?" (amplified loudly)

Do you have groupies, too?

jenn said...

Wow- you f-ing rock!
I am blown away by how tough you are! (at least to me who winces gtting blood drawn...)