Monday, March 17, 2008

Alrighty, well, it's all done.

Before I get into my own updates, congratulations to my "online" BFF katbug (katie to you), who got her BFP on only her 2nd post m/c ttc cycle. Congratulations Katie! Many sticky vibes for you and the babies. (come on, who are we kidding? A 9dpo bfp that dark?)

As of this morning, I have done the first Follistim injection. The pen does make everything quite easy, but I was right - I didn't like the plunger action. Due to the twisting, it makes it weird to push down. If my thumb was 'tacky' at all, it would stick and that bothers me. It wasn't difficult to push down by any means, just didn't like how it has to twist while going down. No biggie though, nothing I'll fret over - just my initial opinion.

Thanks for the suggestions on the burning of the menopur. It wasn't a big enough issue for me to ~do~ anything about it though. Ice would be too bothersome - more bothersome than the actual sting of the meds. It's really not that big of a deal to me (but I do appreciate the help!).

So that's that. Nothing new to experience medicine-wise this cycle. I'm really glad it's just not that big of a deal to me. I keep thinking how I'll dread doing another cycle if this cycle fails and the thought of doing this "all over again", speaking of the injections only, isn't that bad. Of course, doing another cycle completely broken hearted from the failure of the first will be a whole other story all together.


Ahuva Batya said...

I'm really glad you dealing ok with the Menopur sting. I hated those shots for that reason. And I'm glad the Follistim pen didn't cause a problem, but I know what you mean about the twisting part.

Tara said...

The broken heart is definitly what makes it harder to get back on the horse. Here's hoping you don't have to experience that.

Glad to hear you got through the first Follistim injection with little/no problem.

merks23 said...

Hey it's really great that you are tolerating everything so well! I'm surprised about the pen though-- I thought it was quite amazing technology & very user-friendly, but that was just my experience.

I think that the only intimidating part of having to do another cycle are the PIO shots. No probs with anything else, but PIO injections nearly prevent me from walking the day after each shot. It's always the day after the shot & it's always pain down the whole side of my body that the shot was on. Hopefully you won't experience this at all! But really, I am glad that this hasn't been painful for you. :o)

KatieM said...

Thanks for mentioning me =) I was just happy I got to fit 2 IUI cycles in between Dec. and now. Oh, and ack, I just saw the *babies* part...line or not, my gut says one, so I will leave the twins to you =P

Can't wait to see your follie update very soon! =)

Kaci said...

Glad all the injections and meds aren't too hard for/on you. I am not sure I could stick myself! Thanks for posting your date ranges for the steps - I'm going on vacation and I'll be home just in time to send you sticky vibes after your ET.

Think positive Nancy...think positive!

jenn said...

You are a injections rock star! I'm so glad it's going well & I hope it stays that way!

Denise said...

Man, you make this IVF thing seem so easy. You rock.

bleu said...

I use the tip more of the thump instead of the pad of the thumb when pressing down and the twisting seems to go smoother. Also do not use Follistim really cold, it can sting like hell when it is cold.

Congrats on this phase hun, sending positive thoughts.