Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm still irritated.

I just put up a general rant about random things I've been reading this weekend, but I've since deleted it. After I put it up, I started to click around and see that there's been some trouble with horribly rude anonymous comments.

My post didn't have anything to do with any drama, as I don't post rude anonymous comments. But posting what I did could have been looked at wrong, in light of the actual comments made simply to hurt someone else.

I wouldn't want my total random rant compared at all with the soulless comments left by a select few of "anons" to some in our community. I was simply making light of how my hormones are all whacked out, instead, given what's been happening, it seemed to take on a different light. A light that I'm definitely not meaning to shine.

A simple "boooo!" on anyone who would write an anonymous comment with "meanness" as the only motivation.

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trisha said...

nancy, just wanted to wish you a happy easter!