Saturday, March 22, 2008

Follie report after 6 days of stims. (updated w/ E2)

Today was a strange one.

First, my follie report:
~ lining: 6.4 w/ trilaminar pattern
~ righty: still 8 follies, all over 10mm (he didn't measure each one today)
~ lefty: now has 12, all over 10mm. Woohoo Lefty! Always my overachiever.
~E2: 564 (229 2 days ago, so rule of thumb of doubling E2 levels every 48 hours is good.)
~ Progesterone: .38 which is nice and low and good.

I learned something new (again) about follicular development. I had known the ovaries are never mirrors of each other, but did you know they have each have a different blood source? Righty is given blood from the aorta and Lefty gets it from renal blood. My RE's opinion is that lefty quite frequently makes more/stronger follicles due to the renal blood source is stronger, due to the kidneys processing all the blood. He also talked about that is why acupuncture "works" as it's all about increasing blood flow. He confirmed I was going to acupuncture because he said "it shows". For my age and stimulation day, he's very happy with my response. Yay.

Second, the weirdness.

Well, it's not really weird to me, since I'm already used to it. See, my RE makes inappropriate jokes. The first time I heard him say something (which I can't remember what he said now), I was shocked that he said it, but I was not offended. I'm rarely offended in social situations - I don't embarrass easily. Plus, I don't think there should be general rules in regards to inappropriate comments - when it's said as something funny, it just shouldn't be taken so seriously. The american world of no-tolerance is a bit much for me. I think there is a time and place and sometimes a joke is just what it is. A joke.

Anywho, I come in the waiting room and my RE is out making some coffee for himself. Another patient is talking to him about working out. She asked him what he likes to do and he said "calisthenics and weight lifting".

Me, being the smart ass I am, butted into their conversation and said "You are old school! Don't you know you can do strip tease cardio now?"

Without missing a beat, he said "But that's how I lost my license and now that I got it back, I don't want to risk it!".

The other patient said: "You just have to do it in private."

And he says: "Hey, I get to see you girls naked all the time, it's only fair you get to see me naked!".

Now, I know he was joking and I started laughing. The other patient, however, must have not ever run into one of his comments before. She made little reaction except for turning bright red.

Heh. It was funny if you ask me. What was the funniest was he made a joke that is totally off limits to all OBGYNs and REs: Never make notice over the fact they are looking at you naked. But these little rules never have stopped my RE from making the obvious joke. Good for him.


Io said...

I think I might love your RE. That is awesome.

tobacco brunette said...

Oooh! See if you can subtly (or not) find out if they mentally process shaving preferences.

I always wonder if they're thinking, "wow...trim that bush!" or, "hmmm...totally shaved." I'm going to share too much and say that I have issues with body hair. As in I don't like it...anywhere. But I always wonder if that comes off as porno star-ish to my RE. At the waxer it always seems totally acceptable, but underneath a paper blanket it looks a little odd.

KatieM said...

Yay for the follie report!!! Sorry I missed your call, Thomas and I had to take Ginger to the vet for her yearly. Oh, and that comment was funny...however I think I would have died if I ever heard Dr. S say it...maybe because he has no personality, lol.

MrsDrink said...

Awesome follie report! YAY!

I lied about taking a nap. Although I am totally tired, I never got the motivation to go upstairs and get in bed, haha.

Your RE is a hoot! Like you, I would have laughed hysterically. I think if he was serious, he probably wouldn't be practicing because of all the lawsuits, haha. People should chill out, lol.

chicklet said...

You have crazy development of the follies, wow, that's awesome!

Duck said...

Totally funny.
Great follie report.

Ahuva Batya said...

Your RE is not only funny, but quick-- to think of that come-back right there off the cuff. It's something I would have though of two hours later in the car.

Your follicle report sounds great! I didn't know that about the different blood sources. Very interesting.

Chas said...

I never knew that the ovaries have different blood sources...very interesting. Oddly enough, my right ovary is always my over achiever.

The Town Criers said...

Snicker :-)

I never knew that about the blood sources.

MrsSpock said...

Good follies!

I find it very interesting about the blood flow. My left ovary has always had a terrible time of it- and it's my left side that has had constant inflammation from fibromyalgia and my scoliosis for 10 years. Hmmmm....Perhaps I need to be more aggressive about treating it.