Monday, March 3, 2008

If I have to study, will there be a test?

Just fresh out of my appointment with my RE's fellowship docs. They are the ones who my doc has brought over to take care of studies - nothing else.

Looks like I qualify for the lining study! They are collecting data on lining in IVF patients and I fit the criteria. I'm over 34. I have low FSH. I have a partner who has sperm (I found that one funny) and thanks to the docs, I have a uterus free of scar tissue and adhesions. There will be no different drugs, although there will be two groups of different ratios of the FSH and hMG drugs. The amount will be individually determined as what is best for each patient and if at anytime, the ratio is not in my best interest, I will be dropped from the study so I can be given the appropriate amount of stims. The doctors told me that even the low dosages isn't that low and they do not put anyone's IVF cycle in danger.

If I make it through the study, I'll get a big fat check of $1,000! Hopefully that will go along with a big fat positive, but only time will tell. If I end up getting dropped from the study, I'll get a pro-rated check, $85/"visit" (which is just an an additional u/s at my blood-draw only appointments and a few early u/s.)

Hey Tori ... I thought of you when C was bring me back to the library. She told me these doctors were learning their English (they are Dr Met's colleagues from Egypt) and if I didn't understand them, to ask them to repeat themselves. She made a point to tell me they know their English is not that good and they will not be offended if you ask them to repeat themselves. heh. Totally thought of you!


Cassie (Young_Mamma) said...

Hey Nancy,
I'm a total luker but I am finally going to comment! I've been "lurking" you since you were pg with Allison and I was pg with my first. You actually helped me out a ton when I was pg with my 2nd and I was still breastfeeding my 1st. Anyways, I just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world! I really hope you get your bfp finally, you truly deserve it!

shinejil said...

Cool, Nancy! Thanks for contributing to science--and by extension to those of us who may need science someday. Hopefully, something helpful will come out of the study (besides the extra grand).

Lori said...

Quick Arabic lesson (the one we got when we landed in Syria). Three most useful words to listen for and use when needed. Just remember IBM.

Inshallah -- literally "God willing." Synonymous also with "whenever" and "maybe," usually with a shrug of the shoulders.

Bukra -- literally "tomorrow." But culturally, just not now. This is what the copier repair guy always said during the weeks we were waiting for it to be fixed.

Maalesh -- No problem. No worries. Don't worry. Because, you know, inshallah.

More than you wanted to know, I'm sure :-).

Congrats on the study!

Torilou71 said...

Lol, too funny. We did really well at our consult appointment with Dr. Mit. He was speaking pretty slowly for us, which was good as there were so many things to take in and to consider.

I was going to call and speak to Kimberly today, but figured I'd wait until I call later this week on CD 1 and ask her about the study, since I'd be doing CD 3 bloodwork soon after. Was there lots of paperwork to do prior to it or were you able to just get going?

Thanks for thinking of me. BTW, I told DH about your roller derby fundraiser (after the fact) and he was like, Damn, I would have gone to that! That is the reason I told him afterwards. lol

Denise said...

Ooooh, I hope you get to complete the study! This gives women like me (with anorexic uteri) hope that they will be better able to treat our lining issues in the future. Thanks for contributing to the cause.