Saturday, September 27, 2008

My TTC Predictions

I'm actually writing this Friday night, but I'm gonig to schedule it to publish tomorrow so I don't look like such a freak posting ~four~ times in one day.

Before I wrote this blog, I had another blog for over a year. It was the exact same as this one, but I didn't handle the mean anonymous comments the right way and instead of ignoring them, I responded. I ended up with too many haters who simply would not leave me alone so in frustration, I simply deleted my blog one day. It still pisses me off to think about because I had nothing backed up. I lost an entire YEAR of posts.

One of those posts was an entry I kept updated. It was all the TTC predictions I had been gathering from when I started TTC.

Just tonight, I actually FOUND a link to my previous feed. And while the blog didn't exist, I still had the first few lines saved. (For the date prediction, it was either conception or delivery or find out date. Lots of options to get that one right!) Here they all are:

~ The Great Tammy Whammy said: "boy & date will start with an 'M'" --> It ~is~ a boy and the conception date did start with an M. Score: 2 out of 2.

~ Cheri said: "boy & November" --> It is a boy, but November had nothing to do with it. Score: 1 out of 2.

~ Angel said: "boy & March & 5" --> This one was pretty cool. She had first said she was fuzzy on "march" but said for certain the number 5 is in there. Well, as it turns out, it is a boy, the IVF cycle which brought me my frozen totsicle was in March and the ET was on 5/05, which brought me my pregnancy. Heh. So she was ~so~ completely right. Score: 3 out of 3.

~ JennyRenny said: "boy & January" --> She was right on. It's a boy and I'm due in January. Score: 2 out of 2.

~ MommyHopes said: "boy & August/September". --> Right on the boy, not so much on the dates. Score: 1 out of 2.

~ Shayna said: "boy & ____". (Shayna, do you remember the date you had associated with me? --> It is a boy and since I don't remember the date she said, I'll score this as only 1 possible. Score: 1 out of 1.

Well, it looks as if ~everyone~ thought I was having a boy! The final tallied results:

Total predictions: 6 gender and 6 dates.
Gender: 6 out of 6. - 100% accurate.
Dates: 4 out of 6. - 67% accurate.
Total: 10 out of 12. - 83% accurate.

Kinda cool after the fact, no?


Sarah R said...

Hey, that is cool! I remember when you got all those time flies.

Photogrl said...

Very cool.


Sara said...

That is pretty damn cool. I have thought about doing one of the predictions, but am afraid of what it will say!

MrsDrink said...

I couldn't see a month for you, only the #9.

MrsSpock said...

I told my husband from the time we started dating that we would have a son first, and he would look just like him. All true.

I held a baby shower for a friend 2.5 years ago and told everyone there what order we would all get pregnant and what the genders would be. All came true over the past 2 years. I just never thought when I would be last, it would take so long. For some reason once I found out my fellow IF friend was pregnant, I knew that it was time for us. And it happened.

I think we gals can be good at predicting such things at times.

jenn said...

Oh man- can't even remember my predictions! I think I only had two or three- somehow I got two from Angel- both are son- one is connection to 5 (Maybe- due date is 4-4-09) and one is march (again- could go a little early I guess)

I can't remember the others, but how cool that you found them & they're all pretty much right on!

nancy said...

Shayna, we made 9 embryos. :)

MrsDrink said...

There ya go! 9 embies works! =)

MrsSpock said...


I am also pretty good about knowing when I'll get a dying patient when I'm driving into work. I just feel like the Death Crone is near.

Io said...

I hereby predict that you are pregnant...
Oh wait. Is that cheating?

Anonymous said...

Ive done Cheri, Mommyhopes, and Jessi, and one other lady. Do you have links for any of these ladies that you used? I cant belive that they all said girl!! Thats crazy. Here's the ones that I got.

Jessi said--
Girl and a connection to Spring Time.

Cheri said--
I am so sorry to hear of your losses.... They show you with a BOY coming your way and this relates to SEPTEMBER. So that would be either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in. They show someting with your "blood" so not sure if this relates to either that your RH- or if perhaps it has something to do with carrying a girl? or just something "blood" related in regards to carrying the pregnancy.

MommyHopes said--
So sorry for the wait, but you know how life gets! In any case, I did a reading for you and I see October or November as your LMP, conception, or BFP month and July as your due date or birth month. This baby will be a girl!!

I am really hoping that either the 1st or the last one really come true. Its rather funny though because at the time when I got all 3 of these done there was no mention of me having the LAP surgery done and no date set to any of it. Well I had the LAP in Sept and my next cycle will be in Oct. And I had a big mess the RE found in there so now she says I have a much better chance of getting prego! Crossing my fingers. Would love to have the links to the other girls. Im a sucker for them...hehe

Angel Baker said...

You don't have to publish this.. I can't believe I hit you so dead on. I kept looking at boy and March, and thought well 1 outta 2 isn't bad. I forgot about the number 5 part. You just totally made my day, I have felt so bummed lately. I can't hit a prediction for the life of me anymore. Dunno what is up with it.

I had several done, woah here I go..

Cheri Girl and March, well I don't know the gender yet (I am due mid Feb) There is no way I am giving birth in March, I will be induced well before that point.

Jenny Dec 3rd birthdate and girl- again don't know the gender but date is wrong.

Mommyhopes, I can't remember the month but I know it is off, and girl.

Jessi- she is close spring, and girl.

Leigh (someone I do predictions with) boy and Nov. She would be close, seeing that my next u/s is in Nov. But I am cheating and paying for a 3/d

Brooke August and girl.

Another that is not online boy and 18 months from when I asked. I am due 18 months after I asked.

BTW you know me under another name, but I don't wanna be hit with predictions since I do post on PAL.

nancy said...

Angel - I know who you are but didn't want to simply tell you on the board to try to keep your privacy. I'm glad you still got my email.

But yup - you were totally right!

Maybe the baby is throwing all your predictions off? Heck, I can't believe no one got you right!

And congrats on your own pregnancy! :)