Saturday, November 22, 2008

How clean is your water?

I just took such a nice bath. My back was hurting so I asked my hubby to draw me a bath and he did such a good job! He put in lavender bubbles, brought in clean towels, set a brand new magazine on the side, brought in my radio from my shower and even gave me a nice cold glass of orange juice. I mean really. How awesome can he be? All that from "honey, can you make me a bath? My back hurts and I want to soak." Yeah, he rules.

Anywho, in regards to the title of this post, I was reading in the newest issue of Self about the best/worst cities for this and that. Our little city, Colorado Springs, was mentioned four times! Looks like we get the award for Least Hypertension, Least Diabetes and Cleanest water, which, I might add, totally rocks. I love our water here. I can't taste the difference between tap water and bottled water which makes drinking water so much easier here. I got so used to drinking out of the tap that I forget our water rules and when I'm traveling, I'll inadvertently take a drink out from the tap regardless of the city I'm in. And Some people's water really, really sucks. I've actually had to spit water out before. I remember watching the news about testing our city's water supply and the lab who performed the test said our water was just as good as the sterile water they have to use in their testing.

So there I am, soaking and gloating over my city's water and I catch our city's name in the 4th category... "Most Suicides". Really? This one totally and completely shocks me. I would have never ever guessed that one. I guess that's what I get for gloating about our water and lack of hypertension and diabetes.

After the bath I dried off and got under the sheets with tom. I love getting all snuggly right after a bath when my body temp is still extra warm. That was an hour ago and let's just say that I'm even more nice and relaxed now. hint~hint~wink~wink. Ahhh. I just don't have much to complain about right now.

Gotta go get my iclw comments in today. I didn't realize it started yesterday, so I have to get 10 comments and 2 returns in. There are 110 on the list this month and I'm already behind, so I doubt I'll get in iron commenter this month. Boooo. But I know I can at least get in the required amount. Actually, I always make the minimum because I do leave that many comments on the blogs I regularly read, but during iclw, I like to stick to the iclw list. They are the ones who are putting in the work too, so I like to do my part in opening up my eyes to new blogs I may really get into.

Happy ICLW! "Talk" to you tomorrow.


sara said...

That's cool about the cleanest water. I have a feeling that detroit has the dirtiest water, LOL! It's funny because here the water from the suburbs tastes different than water you drink in the city. Technically it's all from the same place so I have no idea what's up with that. But it's true. When I went to college in the city and lived on campus the water was different - but I got used to it. God only knows what I ingested in those four years on campus! mentioned something a few days back about having the different cord insertion. Now I have to read back to see what you mean. But don't worry about the cord insertion if you do have it - you're going to do great!

Sarah R said...

We have our own well, so our water is pure and delicious. I notice a big difference with the water at work though. Ew! It's city water and it tastes like ass.

Io said...

Apparently clean water makes some people very sad.

jenn said...

lucky woman! You'll have to tell me how Philly did. I am the dork that actually studies our water report every year & while we are okay in my neighborhood- my old neighborhood is fed by another treatment center & their water rocks! It does taste better too.

We have a fridge filter so we just use that, but I have drank out of the tap before & it doesn't suck. I don't do it all the time though.

Oh- and Philly ~finally~ was edged out of our long standing #1 position in .... "Fattest City". So glad to get rid of that ~honor~!

Lee said...

"He put in lavender bubbles, brought in clean towels, set a brand new magazine on the side, brought in my radio from my shower and even gave me a nice cold glass of orange juice."


(I'm not ICLW'ing this month, so don't waste a comment back at me!)

Elana Kahn said...

Man, I wish my hubby would draw me a bath like that. The only problem is I don't think I'd want to take a bath in our tub the way it is, so he'd have to scrub the bejeesus out of it first. :-)

The hubs is totally ok with our choice of name(s) and doesn't have a problem that my best friend has the same one.

I wish Boston had clean & yummy water--we have a filter on our kitchen sink tap so we'll filter the water and then put it into pitchers to keep cold in the fridge. My mom lives in Rochester, NY and the water there is good--she never drinks bottled cuz she loves the taste.


thanks for the idea. i added my fave blogs into a reader so now i won't miss any posts! :)

i have been following your posts recently and i always check your blog first b/c i am always intrigued by your subjects and items left up for debate. you are one crazy girl and you keep this site entertaining for sure!

glad all is well with karl!

Cara said...

JEALOUS!!! About the wink*wink, yes..but also the clean water.

We DON'T have water that we can sit back and bath in. In fact, it's not even drinkable.

The town is "working on it". They have been for 8 years and counting.

Excessivly high quantities of iron and manganese and other metallic proporties.

Think of me next time you draw a cold glass.

Hollie said...

Glad you had a nice bath and a good night!

Sara said...

Our water is really clean and tasty too! I am so used to our tap water, that when I travel the water usually tastes funny.
Sounds like you had a nice night. :) If I asked my hubby to draw me a bath, I am not sure what I would end up with!

areyoukiddingme said...

We have terrible water! I can't even take a bath without running the water for a while to get the brown out. We couldn't live without our water filters. You're lucky to have that pure mountain run-off!

Brett and Audra said...

I'm not sure how our water "ranks", but I've always drank tap water and still do. I travel for a living and drink bottled then, but at home it's tap all the way. I live in Alabama,so I don't think we have to worry about smog and pollution, plus there's flouride in tap water that's good for your teeth!!

Gotta go...I'm about to get a BATH!!

April said...

i read that same article in Self. I think that my water tastes fine...but we are one of the fattest and sickest states. Dangit!! When we lived in DC we were definitely more healthy and fit than in MI. I think that it is just so cold here!!

Michelle said...

Happy ICLW to you too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I think I am definitely growing stronger every day.

I think our water here in Detroit is pretty good believe it or not. In fact I think they use it for one of the bottle waters every one buys. Can't remember which one though.

Anyway, I love Colorado. It is so beautiful there. My cousin lives in Denver and my Aunt and Unclee live in Durango. Just gorgeous!

Julie said...

Clean water spoils you. Growing up we had clean and delicious well water. However, where we live now you can actually see crap floating in the water. It's so nasty!

That's awesome that your DH set up such a great bath. Mine surprised me once with that kind of bath when I got home late at night from work. It made me feel so lucky to have him.