Saturday, November 29, 2008


Two quickies to add to my last post ...

1. Updated the family photo album, which you can click on from my other blog.

2. When you click over to my other blog, the post underneath the "new pictures" post was quite a doozy about infertility and my pregnancy. It may be a little too brash, hence why I didn't post it here, but after reading it a few days after I wrote it, I think it's a good post because it says a lot about how I feel about my infertility, especially after my pregnancies. Or should I say my non-infertility?


jenn said...

I commented on the other blog- but just to respond to your nice long comment here: I did see that study you posted- that was ~crazy~ about the 8 drinks! I'm not opposed to a few drinks durting pregnancy- I just have'nt really felt like it except for thanksgiving & yes- my entire family were all fanatical about not even letting me have a sip! The hub actually asked if I wanted a glass of wine with dinner last night- it was japanese so I really didn't feel like it, but he has eased up since the beginning!

My OB & I never really talked about the caffeine thing- I stopped drinking most caffeinated beverages while still ttc in the vain hopes it would help. I still drink hot tea & hot cocoa every now & then, nothing I worry about. I have had the occasional pumkin spice latte- which I love!!! & it's good to know that the black & white only has 175 mg. I will keep that in mind! But since I didn't drink much caffeine before it's the flavor I miss more than anything so I'll just get it decaf & smaller to concentrate the flavor more!

oh- and my cousin totally didn't feel anything because she was still way too high & I felt nothing- but good to know to keep checking so tom can actually feel his kid!

Now that I've written a novel- hope your holiday was good & thanks for all the info as usual!!! <3

Elana Kahn said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog about weight gain. I really needed it!! I feel like I gain weight no matter what I eat--I could go a week without any dessert and gain the same as if I had eaten dessert at every meal. lol Maybe I should have a piece of cake after all. ;-)

theclam said...

Your belly totally looks like it's dropped a bit on the 32 week frontal pic ;)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful thanksgiving pics on the other blog. Bless those girls, they're beautiful. But girl - that 'before and after' Thanksgiving dinner plate. No wonder you are a skinny bi0tch! That 'dinner' plate looks like my appetizer! Geez.

Then again, nothing like a growing baby pressing on your stomach to supress your appetite! Or at least limit what you can down at one sitting. :)

Thanks for sharing the pics!