Saturday, November 1, 2008

Top Cat, Hubcaps & Boomerangs

This was the title of my post this morning, but I got on the sleep tangent and it got long. So two posts for today (so far).

I decided to break this up into two posts so if you don't want to read about sleep or my lack thereof when I have new babies, you don't have to. (yeah, I know - you totally needed my permission, huh? ~wink~)

Top Cat: When I got up, the kids were watching "Top Cat". Which reminded me of our beloved Topcat.

Hubcaps: I have a friend, Glenn, whom we have a very silly inside joke about hubcaps. Now, every time I pass one in the street, I want to pull over and take it to send across country for him. And although it's not a hubcap, it's sometime similar (can't ruin the joke in case he's reading) I stubbed my toe on it this morning.

Boomerangs: Just a few moments after noticing the children's cartoon selection, my eyes focused on a boomerang we have sitting out from our big clean-out due to the new carpet. Which, of course, made me think of Topcat again! Then I noticed the boomerang package says "Right Handed Only." Did you know boomerangs were right handed?

And then I sat down and checked my blog, only to find some great comments from some of my very favorite bloggidy friends. Guess who was one of them? Topcat.

She just must be on my brain track today. (Topcat, I promise there will be no stalking involved.)


Anonymous said...

...and just think, tongiht you get one mroe extra hour of sleep!


Topcat said...


I am LOVING this post, considering I am mentioned three times.

You are a fucking legend, Nancy.